Friday, March 7, 2008


Well, here's a rare photo (click on photo to see its full image). R&B stars Bobby Brown and Johnny Gill team up during a recent sold-out concert at the Arie Crown Theater in Chicago, Illinois. Brown got his start with the most influential boy-band in music history, New Edition. Gill is still a member of the group, which continues to tour worldwide. 'Continues to tour worldwide'?!! You mean to tell me these dudes are still performing, worldwide, and they still ain't made it back to Tallahassee, Florida?! I guess Johnny forgot about his lil solo trip to the Leon County Civic Center back in May of 2006 where he promised me the audience that he would make sure that he and the rest of the guys would return to the Capital City to appease their fans. That was nearly two years ago Johnny! First I was hurt. Now, I'm madder than Bobby in the last empty liquor store in town. Tallahassee ain't seen New Edition in concert since February 11, 1987. We were good to yall and showed yall lots of love. My best friend Kamika even fainted in order to get herself backstage to see yall...well, specifically her favorite: Ronnie. Unfortunately for her, the only person she was able to lay her eyes on was Bobby Brown! I was mad enough for the both of us. LOL!

Do your part, JG. Do your part.



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