Friday, March 7, 2008


Papoose and Remy Ma will be man and wife this summer if all goes according to plan for the Hip-Hop couple, has learned. The pair is now formally engaged to be married, according to recent reports. Egypt of BET’s The Black Carpet confirmed the news with, saying that Remy Ma shared the exclusive with her. Egypt made the announcement on her highly rated television show last night (March 6). The strength of their relationship will certainly be tested, as jury selection has begun for Remy Ma’s trial for the alleged shooting of an acquaintance over money. The Grammy nominated rapper is accused of shooting a woman twice in the abdomen after leaving a party in Greenwich Village. Remy, 26, who allegedly accused Makeda Barnes-Joseph of stealing $2,000 from her purse, has pleaded not guilty to assault and related charges.

The pair will probably be using their superior lyrical abilities soon after another alleged assault occurred between Papoose and Fat Joe. Fat Joe and Papoose recently clashed in a physical altercation that has sparked an intense beef. (Click here to listen to Papoose's version of what happened and click here to listen to Fat Joe’s recollection of the altercation.) Remy Ma, once a member of Fat Joe’s Terror Squad, has released several diss records towards her former counterpart.

Papoose has long expressed he affection for Remy, as the two have been dating for an unspecified time. In Bonnie N Clyde, a duet with Remy, Papoose says, "Remy look good in person / just like she do in the magazines / so I’ma stay close to Ms. Martin like Dr. King.

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Yardmon50 said...

"50 Bullets" About Sean Bell's Death Follows Papoose' "50 Shots"

"50 Bullets" About Sean Bell Shooting Recorded At Same Time


New York, NY – April 25, 2008 Botaniculture Records says that it planned to release "50 Bullets" about the killing of Sean Bell, one month after his murder. The artist known as "Yardmon50" states : "I started writing the song the day after the shooting and within a week I had the song down." He says that he performed the song for his brother who said "it was going to be a hit!" The song was recorded first in December of 2006, around the same time as Papoose's "50 Shots." Alas, do to problems with production the song was never circulated until recently, according to Danny Pella, an A & R rep for the record company. This song follows last year's controversial "50 Shots" by the artist known as "Papoose." Though Papoose's song and Yardmon50's song are similar they are also different. "Yardmon50 is more of a crossover reggae dance music artist while Papoose is a rapper," say Pella. This issue seems more relevant today since the Judge in the Sean Bell manslaughter trial will give his verdict Friday, the 25. Yardmon50 states: "The only connection is psychic." Since they were both rapid fire responses to clear cases of injustice. "Intellectually the songs are different, but in spirit they are the same," he says. Yardmon50 denies any beef with Papoose because of the similarity of the titles, but he plans on proposing a business idea to Papoose based off of this shared theme. "One thing's for sure" says Danny Pella, "we don't want nobody to think Sean Bell lived or died in vain, especially after today's verdict." The public is invited to visit the Myspace page ( and download the song with a portion of the proceeds going to a special fund for the environment set up in Sean Bell's name.

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