Friday, March 28, 2008


I rounded up a couple of random pictures for you all to glance at at your leisure. The first pic is of super-producer Dallas Austin attending his 3rd annual Don't Stop The Music Gala on March 1, 2008 at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center in Atlanta, Georgia with his two oldest sons, (on the far left) Cypress (from a previous relationship) and 10-year-old Tron, whom Austin shares with Chilli of TLC.

In the photo below you'll find cast members, (from left to right) Hosea Chanchez, Coby Bell, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Tia Mowry, Marion 'Pooch' Hall and the lil dude who plays 'Tee-Tee' of The Game--which began airing new episodes last Sunday in its new time slot--attending a special screening of independent film Contradictions of the Heart starring their fellow cast mate, Williams. Cast member Britany Daniels is not pictured.

And yall know I had to save the best for last. Just when I thought New Edition's choreographer (and Ronnie's uncle), Brooke Payne had fell off the edge of the earth, I stumble across this picture. What makes this picture even more easier to look at is those five guys surrounding that one man who is solely responsible for all of New Edition's signature dance moves. If Brooke could teach Johnny Gill, the dude who once danced as if he had two left feet....placed on backwards, then you know he is the business!

'.....The party's over. It's been a long vacation and you fans have been waiting to see you. Now you guys all you look in rehearsal is how you come across on stage. So let's do it one more time from the top and let's get busy....'

All of my fellow N.E. Fanatics know exactly what video this little excerpt came from. And for those you don't know, CLICK HERE and allow yourself to reminisce for a spell or two.

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Anonymous said...

lol @ 'lil dude who plays tee-tee'! LOL!

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