Monday, March 17, 2008


I tell ya. The higher a monkey climbs, the more his monkey-ass shows. I think Snoop's 'medicinal' marijuana has officially scabbed the few remaining brain cells he has left. Of all the stupid things to say, he goes on a rampant declaring only the beautiful women in music sell the most records. If that's not the dumbest shit I've ever heard, I don't know what is. So is it safe to assume that when he says he's naming no names, he's really calling out such underrated singers like Tamia, Deborah Cox, Vivian Green and dare I say KELLY ROWLAND, who haven't sold double and triple platinum-selling albums? I beg to differ. These three women are as beautiful...and in a couple of cases, more beautiful than the singers Snoop named. This niggah, here!

“How many ugly women selling records? None! Only the pretty ones sell records. Beyonce, Mary J, Keyshia Cole, the ugly ones don’t sell. I ain’t gon say no names, but they don’t sell records. They just be singing their little hearts out, but they don’t get no sales, cause they ugly. Now, that’s my fault? I can see this on TV now: ‘Snoop Dogg called me, ugly.’ You beautiful on the inside, baby. What I wanna say to go on top of that, to the chocolate women, the dark-skinned women, I love ya’ll. I got a chocolate daughter at home. I always tell her chocolate is the best thing in the world. Don’t think that light skin is in, chocolate ain’t never went nowhere. Black is beautiful. I love dark-skinned women. That’s why my videos be having dark women in them. I always used to have light-skinned women. Look at it. Show them one of my videos.“

And I'm not going to even entertain his chocolate and/or dark-skinned women comment. Thanks for showing us dark-skinned women some love, Snoop, but the fact still remains: your ego ain't the only thing trippin'. You still sound like a walking-out-of-the-house-wearing-a-blue-showercap-clown. Trust. Anyhoo, the rapper also called himself sounding off on the way women are portrayed in hip-hop videos....


“Hip-hop is not the stories. It’s not a soap opera. Hip-hop is not The View. It’s not The Oprah Winfrey Show. Hip-hop is what it is. We have our certain views on women the way we do. It’s like Playboy. Do anybody got something to say about the way Playboy view women? They take their shirt off and show their t**ties. That’s the first way to get into Playboy. You gotta show Hugh Heffner your t**ties if you wanna get in Playboy. There’s nothing degrading about that, but at the same time, when we show women in videos, they have their clothes on. We don’t play videos on BET with women naked; we can’t get away with that. But it’s degrading what we’re doing, when in actuality, we’re giving these women a chance to shine. Now, if these women would become directors and depict women in a different light, then that would give them a different light as far as the way people view them.”

Niggah, please.



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