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A couple of weeks ago, I made a post telling you all about MTV's new reality live musical competition show, Rock the Cradle. The show features the offspring from yesteryear's top music artists in rock & roll, R&B and hip-hop (read more about the show by clicking HERE) as they strive to reach an imaginary status that their parents once held at the height of their careers. Well, needless to say, I was only interested in watching the performances of MC Hammer's daughter, Akeiba, Al B. Sure's son, Lil B. Sure! and Lil B. Sure's B.F.F. and son of Bobby Brown, Landon (from a previous relationship). Now if any of you watched last night's debut then you know that not only is this season going to be laugh out loud-able. Compared to their parents, damn near every kid who hit that stage was whack. And I know I wasn't the only person who thought so after watching the camera pan over to their parents sitting in the VIP section. Their expressionless faces said it all: 'Someone please remind me to sue Mother Nature for malpractice of my child's vocal chords.' I didn't see a proud face in the bunch. Although it was hard trying to gauge the look on Bobby's face because of...well, yall know. Imagine the difficult task of having to sit and listen to your off-key offspring attempt to sing as they could really could sing?! Those poor parents gave the phrase 'just grin and bear it' a new meaning.

First up. Lil B. Sure!. The other son of Al blew me away as he sung his own soulful rendition of Leon Russell's A Song for You. Although his voice sounds better than his father's (at least to me) and his B.F.F. and he scored really high with the judges, I still had a hard time looking at him. I'm sorry. But I did. Dude just looks difficult in the face. Bless his heart. I've always wondered what his mother looked like (click and peep the picture on the right). When you think of someone named Lil B. Sure, you're thinking this person is going to at least favor his father a little bit, right? At least enough to take you back to the days of watching Video Soul where you could see Al's tall, beige and handsome self in one of his videos as he sang in his tight-ass stonewashed denim jeans and matching jacket while doing the Alf. But as I watched Lil B. last night, I sat and waited and waited for that nostalgia to hit me, but it never did. Maybe his nickname and his slot on the show should've been offered to Al and Kim's son, Quincy. And (sarcastically speaking) I still have a hard time believing Quincy is Kim's biological son because he looks so much like his daddy. But I'll digress. All that aside, I can definitely see Lil B. going far in this competition, maybe even winning it. Maybe.


Mark my words: sooner or later if Bobby's boy Landon don't get his singing chops up to par, chances are he's going to either get his feelings hurt (and believe me after watching that hour and a half episode, he will not be the only one) or he won't last in this competition. This dude had the nerve to come out singing and wasn't 2 bars into his song before he tried to coerce the audience into helping him sing the song along with him! Waving his hands in the air talking 'bout, 'Yall, come on!' I'm looking at him like, 'Niggah, we ain't the ones competing to become a star-ruh. That's you! The first episode and you already trying to cheat!' I'm convinced Landon snagged his place on the show because of his looks and of course, his father. A father who he shares no physical resemblance to whatsoever. We viewers should all be thankful.

Last but definitely not least, along came MC Hammer's baby girl Akeiba. In the pre-recorded footage of her performance we saw a quick snippet of her father's rise and fall to fame (that too took me back, yall) which happened around the time when she was barely knee high. But as the cameras showed her rehearsing her song of the night, Love You I Do (from the Dreamgirls movie soundtrack), an homage to Academy Award winning actress Jennifer Hudson, it was blatantly apparent that she's grown into a full-size, beautiful grown woman. And even though we saw her struggle to hit that high note in the song, once she hit the stage everything flowed nicely including her high note. Now, I won't say perfectly because then I'd be lying. But out of all the nine performances of the night, I enjoyed hers the most. And my sentiments were mirrored by the judge's scores. Akeiba scored one of the highest shows of the night including a perfect 10.

But this is just the first airing. There's going to be plenty more. The question is, what star's offspring will have what it takes to make it to the end. I'm putting my money on Akeiba. To all of you teenage girls, grown women, groupies (male and female) and cougars, feast your eyes on Landon while you can because if his Thursday night performance is any indication of what's to come....

And for all of you who missed the show, you can watch the full episodes and/or clips from the show by clicking HERE.


kim2.0 said...

OMG! U are funny. I didn't look at the show yet(dvr) but you are SO right about that boy's face. I thought that maybe he looks like his mother,cuz he looks nothing like his daddy...maybe a little. He is like a hybrid, a mix of them two. I'll check it out 2note.

Anonymous said...

SG, you are a true trip! Without luggage! LMAO. I watched the show last night and I have to agree with you-as cute as Landon is, he can't sing to save his life. Watching Bobby's face while he sung was even funnier! LOL!!!!! Those three kids you mentioned in your post is the only reason why I'll watch that show.

Mr. MackN2U said...

I'll have to catch the re-runs of this show... it's such a gimmick for these kids to try to ride their parents' coattails into the music industry... especially since all their parents are insignificant celebrities at this point, but I'll watch it, if for nothing but comic relief.

SouthernBlackGurl said...

Mack?!!!, Where you been?!!! I thought you had fell off the edge of the earth! Thanks for checking in on your girl. I appreciate it, babe. Oh, and please watch that show when it repeats. There will be times when your face will scrunch the hell up and then there will be times when you'll laugh so hard, you'll most likely piss your pants! Trust. LOL!

ziah said...

i watched the rerun of the show just to see lil b. sure. I agreed with you the last two will hammer's daughter and sure' son. but what you forgot to mention was the judges first off they are not their parents so why did I hear thur out the show we expected more of a stage presences this is probably thier first time on stage in front of a large crowd. give them a chance. And the judge i think his name is jamie where did he come from landon is not bobby brown and he never will be.

Anonymous said...

Why are people leaving such nasty comments? At least these kids aren't out there gang banging or selling drugs. I give all of them praise. Lil Al's mom is very pretty, I guess you people will be critizing her soon too.

I wish them all the best!

Anonymous said...

Kim2.0, you should look in the mirror before you talk about people faces. Lil Al looks like both his parents. Why are people critizing these kids when they are doing something positive. I am sure that all of you would do the same darn thing if your parents were in the music. Their parents were entertainers and I am sure few of you purchased their cd's or cassettes. If you dont like them then use your remote to change the channel (cable made it possible to view over 1000 channel)

Look at how white people support their own, but us black folks are so hard on eachother about stupidness such as how someone looks. UNBELIEVABLE!!

TONI / A.B.S. Love said...

I think the show is a Great concept.
I think some may have been a tad bit nervous. They all have potential.
I personally liked Lil Al's performance. I have seen him in concert with his dad (Al B. Sure! Sr.) and he has great stage presence along with some crucial vocals! VOTE LIL AL B.!

And I think Lil Al looks like his mom more than Al Sr.. She is very pretty. But sometimes, Lil Al does look like Al. I was standing one foot from Lil Al last month and I was looking at his features and he does have some of Al's features. Nice chiseled face, definitely the eyebrows, nice pink lips. Cute kid. And he has a great attitude as well so that all means something. I'm glad he is not stuck on himself. he is humble just like his father. I saw Q as well and WOW, it's like looking at Al B. Sure! all over again in 1988. He made some handsome boys!

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Landon and Lil B did not do well on the show and got voted off. All's fair in love and war, right? They can sing, but the show did not springboard their careers in the way that perhaps they hoped or expected. Everyone needs to eat some humble pie to achieve greatness.

By the way...Lil B's mom is beautiful! To me, she is more attractive than Kim Porter, but they are both beautiful ladies. This is the first picture I'm seeing of her, so thanks for posting it. For those of you who were hating on Lil B's looks, I don't think that saying he favors his mom more than his dad can hold water as an insult or negatively affect their singing careers. It's their ability to churn out a hit that will affect their success.

@southernblackgurl...I had an opportunity to talk to Lil B recently and posted an interview on my blog. Perhaps you and some of your blog fans may find it worth a read:

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