Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Though he's officially remained mum on his recent wedding to girlfriend Beyoncé, rapper Jay-Z shares some happy news while walking and talking Monday in New York....and what a way to fuel wedding rumors! While Jay-Z went sans wedding band the day before, Beyoncé Knowles one-ups her man Tuesday by donning fingerless gloves as she steps out in balmy New York City.

In related news, sources say although Jay-Z married his girlfriend of six years, last Friday at a private ceremony in New York City, they haven't had much of a honeymoon, bouncing from NYC to North Carolina to Washington, D.C. in just three days. And now OK! magazine can confirm that Jay-Z spent Monday night (April 7th) — the one break in his busy tour schedule — not with his better half, but watching basketball with his guy friends! An OK! spy spotted Jay-Z hiding in plain sight on Monday at The 40/40 Club, the Manhattan hotspot he owns. Sources inside the club also reveal to OK! that the rapper called ahead to let the club's security guards know he was coming, and that he "just wanted to watch the NCAA Championship. He was sitting on the stairs in plain sight of everyone, just watching the game on the mammoth projection screen. He was in a great mood, cheering like everyone else."

Unfortunately, it was too dark inside the club for the witness to tell whether or not Jay-Z was wearing his wedding band. And while her man hung out with his friends from tip-off until well past overtime, Beyoncé was nowhere to be seen. Perhaps the former Destiny's Child frontwoman just needed a day off, as Jay-Z is off to Atlanta for Tuesday night's stop in his Heart of the City tour with co-headliner Mary J. Blige.


Anonymous said...

Bee's hair looks like a orange mess. Girl, get it together.

candylicker said...

OMG what has she done to her hair? Why do they continue to let her get dressed by her self and then go out in the street and take pictures. For goodnessake!!

lilkunta said...

I wonder how she did her hair --oops I mean weave\wig -- for her ceremony.

I wonder has j z seen her real hair?

Anonymous said...

I dont know why she dont get her hair fix,she rich!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

the girl is from the damn country...she don't know what she's doing is wrong....stop it people

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