Friday, April 11, 2008


Boy, Usher knows just how to garner attention before releasing an album. His latest publicity stunt was so clearly obvious, it was ridiculous. But I'm not surprised in the least. While folks were questioning whether or not Tameka was really pregnant in first place, I sat back and said Usher wouldn't reveal his child to the public until he was close to dropping his album. I knew there was a child all along. After his birth, Usher's mom Jonetta, gushed and proudly proclaimed that her grandson was 'sucha a blessing.' And that says a lot considering Jonetta refused to attend any of Usher's weddings to Meek-Man. So if there wasn't a child, I'm pretty sure she would have said so! Bless her heart.

I'm convinced this dude used his son in order to get folks to overlook or temporarily forget about each and every one of his bitch-made moves and maneuvers he has pulled in the past year; i.e.:
--firing his mom as his manager last Mother's Day
--firing his longtime publicist
--getting rid of his longtime bodyguard
--trying to shut down the one and only fan site (USHERFOREVER.COM)he has left all because he got caught up in his bitch-made feelings when folks talked about his jump-off
--writing a long, drawn-out letter to the media insisting Tameka wasn't calling the shots in his life
--telling Tom Joyner he was going to 'bust his ass' for talking about his wife
--going off on an Atlanta radio personality for interviewing his ex-girlfriend Chilli and asking her about her relationship with his mother Jonetta....

...And those are just the ones I can remember off the top of my dome. You ain't slick, U-Ray! We ain't forgot! Leave it up to him to prove me right.

So, for those of you who were wondering and waiting to see what Usher's baby boy Usher V, looked like... well, wait no longer. The singer (dragging behind his 'wife') was recently seen leaving a store in New York carrying his little bundle of joy. TO SEE THE ACTUAL FOOTAGE, CLICK ON THIS LINK. And, yes, he is a true cutie-pie.


Anonymous said...

Usher can be such a girl sometimes. Man yo ass up, nicca

Henny Penny said...

I can't see the baby's face clearly. If he's showing himn now than chances are they'll be on the cover of soembody magazine before Usher releases his album.

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