Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Sandra, you crazy for this one! LOL! If I didn't know that this is an old picture, you may have gotten me...cause Lord knows I don't can't tell when a photo has been Photoshopped. But I must admit, the picture is still cute to look at even if it isn't real. For those of you who were fooled at first glance, the picture above was actually taken of the couple as they played a Nintendo Game Boy while attending the Smirnoff Ice Triple Black Lounge/swag room (where celebrities get a whole bunch of sh!t they don't need for free!) during the 3rd Annual BET Awards in Los Angeles in June 2003. Usher and Chilli broke up about six months after this pic was snapped. Oh, and the magazine they happen to be 'looking at together' is actually the May 2008 issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine with Chilli on the cover. In her cover story, Chilli dished details on her relationship with Usher as well as her upcoming solo debut album. It's been confirmed that the name of the new disc will be called Bi-Polar. Yeah, I know, it threw me for a loop too! But folks in her camp say the singer chose Bi-Polar because it basically serves as the theme behind the album's tracks. You know? Emotions all over the place and every which-a-way and whatnot. But remember, people: although the title is rather um....different, wait and listen to it before passing judgment. It could be fire. (Thanks Zay, for the album title info!)

Speaking of new music, CLICK HERE to listen to Usher's Love in the Club Part II featuring Beyonce and Lil Wayne & CLICK HERE to view another promotional pic from his upcoming album. For more news on Chilli, plug her name into Real Gossip 101's customized search box (up above).


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Jace said...

Man, the good ol days. I remember I would just smile just by looking at a picture of these two. Today, there's no way in the world that I would look Tameka straight in the face. I ain't even trying to have the image of her mug embedded in my psyche.

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