Friday, April 18, 2008


"I have to stay true to who I am. I am not going to sing about sex, drugs and violence, that's just not who I am...When I look in the mirror and see how voluptuously fabulous I am, I can't even worry about it. My conflict in life is just making sure I remember I'm beautiful just the way I am, no matter what size I am. I am just fabulous."

--Child star-turned-entertainment mogul Raven Symone to Jet magazine on why she refuses to change for fame and why she insist on staying true to her music and staying true to her image by being comfortable with her size.

In related news, the 22-year-old actress/singer/producer has canceled her cross-country "Pajama Party" tour. Originally slated to kick off in late April (and run through mid-July), the star has decided to postpone her upcoming tour due to 'unforeseen circumstances' and apologizes to her fans for any inconvenience this may have caused. Ticket refunds will be available from the original point of purchase. How this will affect her new self-titled album (which will be released April 29th) sales remains to be seen. The announcement of the tour cancellation has tween Raven fans in an uproar to say the least. Members on one of the actress's fan sites are threatening to return their That's So Raven and Cosby Show DVD sets, they're so mad. Bless their hearts. While some fans feel Raven scrapped the tour because she grew tired of entertaining her young audience and that she now prefers to hang out with adults her own age, others have demanded the star step forth and explain the real reason as to why she backed out. Well, I say this: as long as you're getting a refund for your ticket, the 'unforeseen circumstances' reason should suffice.



Chi-Chi said...

I hope she keeps true to herself but Hollywood is some type of disease for young and old folks. At least Raven has a strong team behind her making sure that she's not going to get out of line.

SouthernBlackGurl said...

I totally agree, chi. I just can't believe all the heat she's catching for canceling her tour. I know the lil kids are hurt, but they have to realize she's a grown woman now. So they really shouldn't take it personally the reasons she has for scrapping her tour.

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