Monday, May 12, 2008


A reminder to all you women out there--young and old: always, always, always remember to take/use your birth control, please...because if the madness and blatant disrespect going on in the video below isn't enough to convince you, I dont't know what is.



Anonymous said...

I have seen this clip before and maddeeks there has a warrant out for her arrest. What's funny was at the end, dude was like i am not having it, wrong person to mess with. I feel for that poor old lady. That girl had to be on something strong, or forgot her meds.

Joede said...

I'm sorry, I must come from a completely generation because if I had seen this, I would not have just been sitting there watching. I hope I am able to maintain my dignity later in life. That lasy was an example of how to act.

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