Monday, June 23, 2008


Singer Janet Jackson is set to mentor aspiring singers and dancers in a new reality show. Jackson is joining 25/7 Productions to develop an as-yet-untitled music competition series for MTV, reports Variety. The show, which has already begun casting, will feature Jackson mentoring a group of aspiring singers and dancers in the months leading up to her world tour, which launches on Sept. 10. "It's really about finding who's the next Janet Jackson or Justin Timberlake or Usher," executive producer Dave Broome tells Variety. "And we'll find it from a pool of people who you wouldn't typically find it from. We'll go to YMCAs, church groups, local community centers and try to cast the show." The program will be shot in various street locales, rather than on a studio soundstage. Producers are still ironing out the prize - but it could potentially relate to Jackson's tour.

In other Janet news, the singer has also reportedly been asked to entertain guests at Nicole Richie's wedding to Joel Madden. Sources claim Lionel Richie's daughter approached the singer, 42, at a private party in LA recently and asked her to perform on her big day. Richie's fiancé Joel, 29, will also perform with his band Good Charlotte. Nicole, 26, is yet to set a date to tie the knot. She and Joel welcomed their first child, daughter Harlow Winter, in January.



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