Monday, June 23, 2008


"That sh** just looks like drama. They got another big name involved. No, I'm not doing [any] f***ing interviews. Only thing I'm commenting on is music-related. I don't comment on my personal life. Why start now? You start commenting on that sh**, then they start twisting it out. I'm not gonna speak about nothing. They [gave Mashonda] two pages in Hip Hop Weekly. She didn't even say nothing about Alicia. They blew it up on *****.com. They flipped that into some other sh**. I'm not hiding anything. I can see if I was hiding something. I'm a grown man. Nobody is living no perfect life. Mashonda has a single coming out that I funded, photo shoots that I funded. We made our statement that we're still working together. They didn't wanna believe it. I said I would be continuing to support her career. Nobody wants to look at that sh**. They wanna look at 'Alicia Keys.' That sh** is ignorant."

--Music producer Swizz Beatz on rumors that an affair with R&B superstar Alicia Keys broke up his marriage to R&B singer Mashonda. Meanwhile, Swizz's new album is called Life After the Party and aims for an October release. The first single is Where the Cash At.


"There are no court dates, there are no proceedings, and there are no lawyers involved. As far as me and Swizz are concerned, this is not a fight, we're not divorced but we are going through something that married people go through. We have a child, so of course the separation is amicable and we communicate. [As for Alicia Keys]...She's her own woman and she has made her own choices. I don't have a problem with her. I will say this though, I am not the scorned woman. I have a responsibility to raise a man, he's my number one priority and everyday I strive more for him and of course my music."

--Mashonda dishes to Hip Hop Weekly regarding her marriage to Swizz' and his alleged affair with Alicia Keys.


Son of Baldwin said...

Bust how he never said, "No, I never fucked Alicia Keys."

He danced around that shit like Sammy Davis, Jr.

SoundSavvy said...

I've heard for a longtime that Swizz was cheatin, at least 4-5 years now, but not with Ms. Keys...

In fact, i heard it wasn't a Ms. anything, if u catch my drift...


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