Monday, June 30, 2008


"We both have the same energy. I don't sleep... I think it's the cousin of death. As much as you sleep, you're impersonating death to me. He (T-Pain) don't sleep. I play all day. He plays all day and all night. The (musical) connection is crazy. He loves to be creative, he loves to work; I love to create, I love to work. He really wants people to respect his rapping; I really want people to respect my harmonizing."

--Rapper Lil Wayne on joining forces with singer T-Pain to form a supergroup. The Lollipop hitmaker is convinced the pairing will be as big a success as their own solo careers. Lil Wayne first teamed up with T-Pain for the track Got Money from his new album Tha Carter III.



Download Rap Instrumentals Here said...

I think that this is going to be a hit. The 2 hardest working people in hip hop doing an album together.

Anonymous said...

I have to disgree with you...think Jay and the Pied Pedo. They were the hottest rapper and singer at the time, but people weren't checking for the album like they would their solo stuff. I just don't think people wanna hear an ENTIRE ALBUM of the same 2 people together

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