Monday, June 30, 2008


I mean, really. Rapper DMX has been arrested in Miami, Florida for the second time in a week - after he was allegedly caught trying to buy drugs from an undercover police officer. The star - real name Earl Simmons - was arrested on Monday, June 23, on suspicion of driving without a valid licence and later released on bail. But just four days later, Simmons landed himself in trouble with the law again. The hip-hop star was arrested on Friday, June 26, for allegedly attempting to purchase $45 of cocaine and marijuana from a man, who turned out to be a cop taking part in a sting operation. Simmons is currently being detained at Miami-Dade County jail, according to

The star's legal woes this year are beginning to mount - he was charged with suspected drug possession and animal cruelty in May following raids on his Arizona home. And previous to that incident he was arrested for allegedly speeding down a Phoenix, Arizona freeway in January, clocking up a reported 114 miles per hour.



Anonymous said...

I think he is trying real hard to stay locked up. Maybe it's his only way of getting clean, but then again, the drugs are jail too. So he is just stupid.

MrsGrapevine said...

This man is beyond crack-head status, it's time for the straight jacket and meds.

B.Beretta said...

People could talk all the shyt they want bout X but unless u know what it feel like to constantly be battling with urself u cant say much...that dude got some serious spiritual battles hes clearly tryna face n theres only so much the people that love him can do...its only so far one can go...look at billie holiday she overdoesed cant have someone babysit you 24/7 n there r just some people n this world that until they find what they're looking for, will always be dependant or n need of something...he needs prayer not people judging him....Its sad really, My heart goes out 2 him...Fuck Da Haterz

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