Sunday, June 15, 2008


New Edition member Ralph Tresvant is preparing to release his first solo album in two years and his second via his own Xzault Media Group (XMG) label. The as-yet-untitled project, due later this year, includes the lead single It Must Be You, which arrives July 1 on iTunes, and other digital download sites, reports "This album is something I've been wanting to put out for awhile," Tresvant tells the Web site. "I'm not really thinking about this project as having a certain sound or sticking to a certain formula. I talk about love, social issues...these songs round off where I've come from and who I am after all this time." Tresvant's last solo effort was the 2006 XMG release RizzWaFaire. He has charted five top 10 R&B singles, including the 1990 No. 1 Sensitivity. His business partner and XMG co-owner Dan Dillman says the company's upcoming plans include an up-close-and-personal tour featuring Tresvant.

As previously reported, New Edition will receive ASCAP's Golden Note Award during the performing rights organization's annual Rhythm & Soul Music Awards at the in Beverly Hills on June 23. The group's 25-year career will be saluted during the ceremony.

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