Friday, July 25, 2008


Word around the web is that Dumb-Dumb Diddy has chosen to make an honest woman/child out of his Bad Boy Records artist and spokesmodel for his Sean John Women's line, Cassie 'Can't Sell' Ventura, by proposing marriage, according to Star Magazine. FALSE. The publication reported that the rapper let slip the big news to friends at his son Justin's recent eighth grade graduation party. But Combs' representative has refuted the allegations, telling, "Contrary to tabloid reports, there is no engagement. This was a complete fabrication." Cassie, who has long been rumored to be romantically involved with Combs, recently insisted their relationship is purely platonic. She said: "We are not together, but we are definitely friends. We work hard together, so it makes a good combo." Combs met 17-years-younger Cassie after signing her up to his label in 2006.

Too much drama. Let's just hope that one day his baby mama/on-again-off-again-on-again-off-again longtime girlfriend Kim Porter finally wises up and conjures up enough self-esteem to refuse to marry Diddy even if her life depended on it and just leave him alone for good.
Luke Campbell, the Godfather of southern-style bass and booty music and founder of Miami's notorious rap group the 2 Live Crew, is now off the market. Campbell wifed up his longtime fiancee, 27-year-old Kristin Thompson last Saturday in Dallas, Texas. Campbell tells, "I waited 47 years to find a special woman and have found that in Kristin. I never knew that I could feel love on another level like this until I met her, and I am now honored to call her my wife." Over 300 guest attended the ceremony which was followed by a reception at the Opus Grand Ballroom at Hotel Palomar. Beatbox master extraordinaire Doug E. Fresh deejayed and performed, while such guests as Arizona Cardinal Edgerrin James remained on the dance floor until the early morning. Soul singer Betty Wright serenaded the happy couple. Their first dance was to Brian McKnight's Back At One.

Thompson, who serves as general counsel for Campbell's company Luke Entertainment, met Campbell at Jerry's Deli in Miami Beach two years ago. He proposed to her on Halloween last year. This is the first marriage for both. Campbell has two children from a previous relationship. The wedding will be featured on the season finale of Luke's Parental Advisory in September. VH1 will premiere the series on Aug. 4 at 10:30 p.m.

Mrs. Cannon-Carey is hitting back at rumors that her marriage to actor Nick Cannon is fizzing out due to the diva's controlling behavior. "It's good," she tells MTV News of their marriage. "Life is beautiful, and things are going well." Since wedding Cannon in April, she says she has heard people say "things are rocky and hazy and messed up" between them. "I'm like, 'Why would we have gotten married?'" says Carey, who is planning to tour in November. But that's not all. Earlier this week, rumors ran amok suggesting Cannon is going broke trying to keep up with his wifey's ultra-fabulous and ultra-expensive lifestyle. An article in the National Enquirer claimed that Cannon has been buying Carey lavish gifts in order to change people's perceptions of him. One source told the tabloid: "Nick's sensitive about being perceived as a kept man, so he's going out of his way to indulge Mariah with lavish gifts and expensive dinners. And the bottom line is that he just doesn't have the kind of money she has. It's starting to stress him out. Nick is also said to be worried new career opportunities he is being offered are not genuine. It hurts him when people use him to get to Mariah. Or worse, think of him as Mr. Carey."

Carey says, "People are going to say what they say, but what would be the purpose? I guess other people do those things for a purpose, but I don't know. I'm ecstatic, so be ecstatic with me!" she adds. "Be happy with me. Can we celebrate?"


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