Wednesday, July 30, 2008


It's nothing more sadder than when a person refuses to believe the (scientific) truth when it's staring them right in the eye. The woman who claims she's the mother of comedian/actor Chris Rock's love child is now writing a so-called tell-all book and she still insist that her 14-year-old son is the actor's seed....despite DNA tests proving otherwise. In the press release for her book Hollywood Child, Kali Bowyer claims her past included “a hot affair with racy comedian Chris Rock.” Her life, according to the release, “started crashing down all around her,” until “getting pregnant with Chris’ son saved her life.” Rock’s attorney John Mayone had not received the press release, but says, “I assume this is a publicity ploy for her alleged book.” On the subject of paternity, Mayone reiterated the decision of the Georgia court that concluded that Rock was not the father of Bowyer’s son. “There is a final judgment. This is not Chris Rock’s child. It’s been fully litigated, and that includes DNA testing.”

So why is Bowyer moving ahead with her book? She says she wants to continue fighting the paternity question in California. Mayone dismisses that possibility. “The time for appeal has long since passed,” he says. As for the book (no publisher is listed in the release), Mayone says, “I’ve not seen this (press release for Hollywood Child), but I’m sure that Mr. Rock will respond accordingly.”

White lady, please cross the street and let that shit go. Oh and the mugshot you see above is from her arrest record. In the past Bowyer has been convicted DUI, theft by deception, running a phone scam, writing bad check and several domestic disturbances.


Anonymous said...

This bitch.

(I'm referring to the white chick, not SouthernGirl! lol!)

Mina said...

^^^LOL! Cause you know SG would have probably gone off if she thought you were calling her the b-word! LOL!

Max said...

Dang so she was with Chris when he still had that yuckmouth? Yall know he wudn't a sex symbol, and still ain't, back then so she must've have really was digging him or something. He's money wasn't no where near long back then either. Too bad she thought she could cash in now that he IS making money. Why she ain't bring up this he my baby daddy shit 14years ago?

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