Wednesday, July 30, 2008


A handful of Atlanta's hometown celebrities attended the third annual Show Me the Way Foundation presents: Runway RED Back to School Celebrity Fashion Gala (that's a long-ass title, huh?) last Saturday (July 26). The event, which was hosted by TLC's Rozonda 'Chilli' Thomas, featured pint–size socialites, mini-me movers and shakers and their well-known celebrity parental escorts. At Saturday's gala, celebrity seeds strutted their stuff on the runway alongside their celeb parents while modeling exclusive fall and winter Back to School collections from Macy's and high-end fashion designers such as: Jack & Jill, Sean John for Kids, Rock and Republic, Lil Miss Muffet, Burberry for Kids, Paige Denim, Tommy Hillfiger, and Bo Peep Kids.

Besides Chilli and her 11-year-old son Tron whom she shares with music producer Dallas Austin, (and if you ask me lil dude is thisclose to towering over his mom), other celebrities and their seeds in attendance included Big Boi and his son Cross, Jermaine Dupri and his adorable daughter Shania, Roy Jones Jr. son Roy III and his twin boys DeShawn and DeAndre and Atlanta radio host Ryan Cameron with his wife and kids.

PEEP THE PICS (courtesy of HollywoodTeen.Net) BELOW. I guess Chilli opted to leave her signature and ever-present 'Tron-clad' bag at home considering she was able to have the real thing on her arm for the night. And I'm not even go there with that child's head. I ain't going there yall. I just can't!

The Show Me the Way Foundation (SMTWF) is a non-profit organization that provides mentoring and positive group activities for youth infected/affected by HIV/AIDS and other terminal health issues. Their goal is to instill confidence, perseverance, leadership, and practical knowledge by uplifting spirits and providing positive guidance and advice to the youth served by the foundation.
RED means:
* Realizing now that the HIV/AIDS epidemic exists amongst our youth
* Educating our young generation that it can happen to them
* Developing a community plan to take Georgia off the list as the 9th
highest state of HIV infected carriers


lilkunta said...

Im glad Chilli left that bag @ home. Tron is almost a teen & I bet soon he is gonna be fighting w her 2 stop w the bags & wallets & pillows.

2nd, all the close they modelled costs to much. Only other rich ppl like themselves can afford it.

Target all day every day baby!

Anonymous said...

Chilli's son looks just like her around about the eyes.

Anonymous said...

Chilli looks HOTT.. Trons hair.. omg. lol I know he's a kid but that shit looks awful. I looks like he has really good hair, and is trying to do dreads. If he is, his hair is too good to get away with the nappy look.

Talaysha said...

the hell she do to that child's head. hes not as cute as he used to be

Oshyn said...

I guess shes been letting Dallas do Trons hair. If Chilli did his hair, she'd make sure her little king was rockin' them baby-hairs!

Anonymous said...

How come JD's Daughter looks like Chill a little bit!

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