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Yeah, I'm late!! LOL! But leave it up to the antics of the soon-to-be former First Lady of Turks & Caicos Islands diva LisaRaye to bring me up out of my week-long blogging slumber! First, I have to thank my girl Georgia2Texas over on LSA for putting me on to the details of this update via her recap of the Tom Joyner Morning Show! Thanks G2T!

I'm pretty sure you all have heard about BET's 106 & Park host Rocsi is the alleged 'other' woman in LisaRaye's drama-filled debacle of a marriage. And with the ways things are looking, it's going to get much, much worse. Anyhoo, a rep for the actress released a statement over the weekend suggesting that her husband, Turks & Caicos Premier Michael Misick, is creepin' with Rocsi. According to publicity firm Lynn Allen Jeter & Associates, the two were seen "canoodling" during the T&C Music Festival over the weekend while LisaRaye was in New York. "Sources have even reported that Rocsi stayed at the Misick home and hosted guests as if she was the lady of the house," the release stated. Also, earlier this week, LisaRaye was supposed to have called in to Tom Joyner's Morning Radio Show to discuss these rumors and truths before throwing both Rocsi and her meandering hubby under the bus. She had to reschedule her radio interview for next week because she's due back in Turks to cooperate with the FBI on the matter. However, LisaRaye did speak to entertainment news columnist Jawn Murray that Rocsi has been having an "out-in-the-open affair" with her husband and that "he was parading her around and she was staying at the house. Officials even saw her early in the mornings having breakfast at the house with the Prime Minister." (click here to listen to Jawn's report.) Rocsi had also been told not to spend so much time with Misick so that folks wouldn't ask questions, but being the bold and gully-ass person Rocsi thinks she is, ol girl paid that advice no never mind and continued doing what she's been doing. Is it time for Rocsi to kiss her career good-bye because it's about to get hotter than two fat-ass people sexing each other under a genuine leather blanket in the middle of a cornfield in rural Willacoochie, Georgia on a hot summer day! Trust.

And remember the hoopla regarding those rape allegations against Misick back in March of this year? Well, sources claim Rocsi is indeed the "American friend of LisaRaye's" who accused Michael Misick of rape although those reports were never confirmed to be true. The alleged victim was said to have reported the crime to local police before returning to her home in the U.S. and reporting it to the FBI. At the time, USA Today reported that a Puerto Rican woman had accused Misick of raping her. Rocsi, whose real name is Raquel Roxanne Diaz, was born in Honduras and is reportedly of Honduran and Chilean descent. After finding out that Rocsi and LisaRaye were supposedly friends, it brought to mind an email my sister Nikki sent to me a while back. Read it below and get your chuckle on:
A woman stuck her head into a hair salon and asked, "How long before I can get a wash & curl?' The beautician looked around the salon full of customers and said, "about 2 hours.' The woman left.

A few days later, the same woman stuck her head in the door and asked, ' how long before I can get a wash & curl?' The beautician looked around at the salon and said," about 3 hours.' The woman left. A week later, the same woman stuck her head in the salon and asked, ' How long before I can get a wash & curl?' The beautician looked around the salon and said, "about a hour and a half.' The woman left. The beautician turned to her girlfriend and said, "Hey Juanita, do me a favor. Follow that woman and see where she goes. She keeps asking how long she has to wait for a wash & curl, but then she doesn't ever come back.' A little while later, Juanita returned to the salon, laughing hysterically. The beautician asked, 'So, where does that woman go when she leaves?'

Juanita looked up, wiped the tears from her eyes and said, 'Your man's house!'
In the meantime and in between time, LisaRaye ain't losing any sleep over this whatsoever. T&C First Lady was lensed taking shots to the head alongside Lil Kim at her latest birthday party at Spotlight Live in NYC. Peep the pics below.



OK, so I was listening to "The Tom Joyner Morning Show" this morning and LisaRaye was scheduled to make an appearance so that she could "clear the air" about everything that's going on with her and her husband. Jawn Murray (the gossip guy who calls in a couple of times a week to share the scoop that he knows) was the one who was going to have her call in. She rescheduled for next week because she has to talk to some government officials from Britain (they rule over Turks & Caicos) with regards to the corruption investigation that is in full swing. According to Jawn, the PR person for the Prime Minister hasn't been as open with information regarding the alleged rape on the island and the corruption charges, but according to Jawn, LisaRaye is on her way back to Turks & Caicos to cooperate with the authorities so that she doesn't get caught up in the legal action (conflict of interest regarding the multi-million dollar advertising campaign for the resorts and the chain of movie theaters that were coming to the island, misuse of funds, etc.).

I know I'm babbling (a little bit sleepy), but then Jawn said that folks thought that when the story broke about the rape allegations, they had the right person when they said that Rocsi was the one who was assaulted. He then said on the contrary because LisaRaye told Jawn Murray that Rocsi has been having an "out-in-the-open affair" with her husband. Jawn Murray said that her exact words were that "he was parading her around and she was staying at the house. Officials even saw her early in the mornings having breakfast at the house with the Prime Minister." Tom Joyner said "whaaaaaaaat, the gal from BET?" and Jay said "awwwwww man." Then Jawn said that when LisaRaye was going to call in today that she was going to give the personal information (home phone, cellular phone, additional private lines) so that people could call him directly if they had any questions because she was fed up with all of the lies. Sybil (one of the co-hosts) said that there are three sides to every story and that if LisaRaye was going to call in and put a bunch of personal information out there (including telephone numbers), it wasn't right. Jay Anthony Brown (another co-host) said "that's not even cool" and then they seemed like they were about to throw LisaRaye under the bus. Sybil said "there's a lot of things going on with both sides that folks don't know so taking sides right now isn't probably a good idea. I know some people who know him and all of the information isn't out there yet" (or something very close to that). Jawn said "well, she was going to talk about Mr. Turks & Caicos parading Rocsi all over the island even though she was encouraged not to spend so much time with the Prime Minister so that people would not ask questions, but it didn't matter and that didn't stop her."


eXXXclusive said...


Anonymous said...

^^I thought so too. I guess karma is coming back to bite LR in the butt because everybody know she used to be GP's other woman back in the day.

Anonymous said...

I am a native of the Turks and Caicos, and yes it is true. The affair has been going on for about 4 months, ever since Rocsi hosted a party for a close friend of the Premier in which I was present. They use to meet in South Beach all thew time and Rocsi has no shame, she even gets an attitute if Mike tries to talk to any one. Both she and LisaRaye need to relax, Mike has always been a whore, from highschool. Neither of them know any thing about him. And I mean theres alot to know. You dont marry a man you know nothing about, Island men love women. A big ass is definately not enough to keep Mike at home. When he and Lisaraye got married, there was a Dominican woman pregnant at the time,and as soon as she had her baby she showed up at their door. Bet you didnt know that. Stay tuned.


Lil Kim:
Honey if you are reading this post, or if anyone close to Kim is reading this post, please take heed in what I am about to say. LIL KIM, THIS IS YOUR LOOK. Don't change nada about your new hair color, make-up, wardrobe, etc. I've always been a big fan & would be thisclose to popping somebody in the mouth for talking mess about you. But even the biggest hater is on quiet now. PLEASE PLEASE KEEP UP THE LOOK. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTFUL.

Anonymous said...

lisaraye is a broke class f actress. the bitch have no talent to save her life. she is the first lady of the hoodrats NOT THE TURKS AND CAICOS. she is broke and out of work(pin-ups posters is not a job for a woman claiming to be first lady of a country)the good life is over bitch, get over it get a life. and just to let all of you know she never broke it off with GP, she was still seeing him. that's one of the reasons why here husband didn't give a fuck anymore. find some other sucker to pay the bills slut. you make me sick.

nay said...

hey lisa raye im ur biggest fan and forget what them haterz say and rocsi is a hoe her fake azz holla at merocsi if u got somethin to say then leave it on a comment bitch an any body else

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