Wednesday, August 6, 2008


"Yes, I am engaged. And there's a wedding to be planned. Life is really good for me now, and we are enjoying each other. No there isn't a date set yet. We can't. He's out rehearsing for the tour with Janet [Jackson]... But I'd do it tomorrow if I could. And I know he would, but you know, we want a wedding. I never had one. He's never had one. And we want to be around family and friends and really do it — because this is it! I mean, right now, I'm glowing. John's such a good guy....And you know there's been a little bit of an issue with the media saying, you know, 'Jill jumped up and is marrying this drummer.' This is a master percussionist we're talking about here. I'm talking, at 15 years old he was playing with Wynton Marsalis. It's not healthy, not nice, for your mate to be diminished. He's an incredible musician. An incredible man." [John's proposal] "You know, I have to keep some things for us ... But I will say he did it splendidly!"

Jill Scott finally confirms her engagement to her drummer boyfriend, Lil John Roberts. Yall don't reckon Lamman is a little bit hurt or jealous over this news? LOL! Just kidding. Anyhoo, since Lil John is an Atlanta native and residence, Jill says there's a strong possibility that she will my the ATL her permanent home:

"Obviously I'm spending a lot more time here ... In fact, I just did a song with Bone Crusher a couple of weeks ago; which I just loved! John knows so many good people. So yeah, there is a possibility I could make Atlanta home. It's definitely been in the discussion. ... We haven't set anything in stone; but we definitely want to have a place, after our honeymoon, where can go home — together."



Fizzle said...


and we'll love is a beautiful thing that only gets better when it's maintained.

Anonymous said...

She's moving way to fast. Talk about Rebound. Look at every celebrity out there that have unsucessfully jumped into one marriage after another. We'll be hearing JIll Scott files for divorce on this one too. Then she'll pull a Halle Berry.

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