Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Someone once said,
"All bitches ain't female; they just have female traits. A dude can have a d*ck as big as an elephant's and still behave like a b*tchmade, b*itchass-b*itch of a man."
Yall will understand what I mean after reading what's below.

Well, well, well, well, well. Look who has come back to his senses a wee bit too late? According to E! Online, Usher has allegedly 'rehired' his mother, Jonnetta Patton as his manager. I hope he has prepared himself to get clowned unmercifully. Too bad no one never told him you can't 'retire' someone who has no intentions of being retired. Anyhoo, Usher's flop of an album, the mediocre promotion of said flopped album, poor record sales (I guess that falls under the category of 'flop of an album', right?) that horrendous and terrible lip-sync opening performance he gave at this year's BET Awards, and all that slick-at-the-mouth talking he did has all led to the singer kicking his manger--now former manager--Benny Medina to the curb. "He's leaving Benny. The record is pretty stiff, and nowhere nearly as successful as Confessions," an insider says of the singer's 2004 blockbuster album.

In a short statement issued by his LaFace/Zomba label Wednesday, it was announced that the artist "has dissolved his management arrangement with Benny Medina and has re-engaged Jonnetta Patton as his manager." Meanwhile, the singer has also cut ties with W&W Public Relations, a publicity firm that also serves as the official reps for Janet Jackson, Alicia Keys and Ludacris.

Down and out, whose the very first person Usher turned to for unconditional love and support? No, not his manwife. His mama. Confessions was a worldwide sensation, selling 19 million copies under the supervision of Patton. After debuting at No. 1 in June, Here I Stand, Usher's fifth studio album, has chalked up a relatively paltry 2 million in sales worldwide. This, despite the radio success of the single Love in This Club (Part II). I don't think even his mama, as good as she is, can undo the damage that he has already done to his pathetic career. And the truth of the matter is that he has no one to blame but himself. Watch his cocky ass release a statement saying that he has brought his mama out of 'retirement' to let her handle his career when in reality she never ever did retire. Tameka should probably thank her lucky stars that she has lil Cinco and that marriage certificate as insurance. I wouldn't be surprised if his mama told him the only way she'd come back is if he got rid of ol girl. And can you blame her? Especially when through it all, his mama has never (at least in the press) uttered one word, yay or nay about him kicking her ass to the curb. As a matter of fact, Patton told Vibe magazine's July 2008 issue that she's hard at work managing other music acts. 'I'm managing Nataha, an artist on Jive Records, a guy group called Kwiet Storm, and a solo artist, Dante. I started my own record label--JPat Records. I also manage my younger son, producer JLack--he's signed to Usher's production company.' Can someone please explain to me just what the word 'retire' means?


Anyhoo, for those who need a refresher course, Usher dumped the momager for Medina last year amid reports of tension between Tameka and Mama Pat—and considering his previous remarks, it might be tough going home again. "This is great for me because it means I now get to have my mother strictly as my mother, with no added pressure," he told the Associated Press in 2007, when he and Patton parted ways. And just last month the 29-year-old entertainer was quoted in Vibe magazine calling his mom an "aggressive person" who made his decision to part ways difficult. "She makes hard decisions, and she caused me to make a hard decision as well. I hurt more than anything over these last two years, when I felt my mother didn't really embrace my situation," Usher told Vibe. Monkey-Monchichi, what situation? After firing Tameka for mixing business with pleasure, he knew good and well Mama Pat wasn't going to approve of any kind of relationship he had with his walking negro spiritual. Besides, how do you think she felt after you called yourself 'retiring' her? And if I hear his ass refer to his marriage as his situation one more time... Dude, you are married and the last thing you should consider your marriage to be is a freaking 'situation.' These fools gon soon learn that mama always knows best...that's with the exception of Kim Kardashian's mama. I don't know anybody whose mother would damn near beg and plead their own child to pose naked for Playboy magazine.

That's it, yall. I am through.


FamiliarStranger said...

He is ugly on the inside and out. point blank period.

Anonymous said...

i fell out laughing after reading that 'someone once said'' part!!!!!! Usher's a lame and be better thank his lucky stars that he has the mama he has.

chicutie said...

LOL! My side hurts laughing at this foolery! There is nothing like a mother's love becuase she will ALWAYS have your back. That said, I don't forgive you Usher for firing your momma! How can you fire momma over some old stretched ourt Oakland coochie?? I mean really! I honestly didn't care about him falling in love with you. But the ranting and raving (coupled with her stank attitude) caused this disaster. You screwed up the killer chemistry of your team, and now you hope to get it back!? Good luck, but this will be a footnote on all your future work. What's next, are you going to beg Chilli to come back too (you probably should while you're on a roll)?

Note to you Mr. Raymond......momma knows best!

cookyd said...

Boy oh boy, if walls could talk. I would hit the play button so I could hear the entire conversation.I bet it was hard trying to talk with a mouth full of humble pie.

Anonymous said...

Usher is done. The youngsters feel he's passed them by. Being married with children takes something from that youthful appearance. He's got to grow with the times and change his music. The Chris Browns and Mario's of the business are what's happening now. Hip-hop is a peculiar business where if you leave it for just a short time, someone is always there to take your spot and lock you out. That's probably why Beyonce doesn't want to have kids right now. When you go away, the precariousness of the business will cause the audience to move on and forget about you. Making it that much more difficult to get back in regardless of your talent.

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