Thursday, July 17, 2008


This fall, the Lifetime network will add more color to their on-air program roster. Bout time, right? The first splash of color we'll see will be in the form of Kim Porter, the woman who will forever hold the status as Diddy's baby mama. But I digress. The network has greenlit an reality series which will follow Porter (who shares three children with Diddy) as she adjusts to a new life as a single mother in Los Angeles. 'Adjust to a new life as a single mother'? Uh, correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't she already have that position on lock? What the hell has occurred in her life as a single mother that warrants her nabbing a reality show doing the same shit she's been doing ever since she hooked up with Diddy? If anybody knows, please pass along the information to me via email or leave it as a comment in this post, because I'm really not understanding the madness. Anyhoo, the always so fine Blair Underwood will produce the series via his Intrepid prodco, alongside Eye Candy Productions. An although Lifetime hasn't revealed the official title of this new series, according to anonymous sources, the name of the show is called Me Time (slated to air in late 2008 or early 2009) and will zero in on the lives of former wives and girlfriends of high-profile celebrities, such as Diddy, as they face life's biggest challenges of fending for themselves without their former significant others.

Won't it be the bees knees to watch these women venture out onto their own after having received ridiculous amounts of income just by giving birth to illegitimate children with these rich-ass celebrity men? However since so many folks are so shamelessly opinionated (such as myself) when it comes to Kim and Diddy's relationship, this reason alone could make this show a big success even if she may or may not be the only semi-celeb featured on the show. Porter, an entrepreneur (she formed Three Brown Girls, an Atlanta-based event planning and marketing company dubbed "Ultra-Tainment" with two of her closest friends) and an aspiring actress (she co-stars in Mama, I Want to Sing which will be released in October) who has grown accustomed to people talking about her, says she's more than just the mother of Diddy's children. "I've been on my own working for a long time. I have a strong sense of self and who I am."


As for her on-again/off-again relationship with Diddy, Kim says, "Puffy and I are like best friends. That's what people don't understand about our relationship. We have so much history. I knew Puffy when he was an intern. I've watched his success, supporting him and being there throughout everything. Nothing, no matter how good, bad or ugly, will diminish what we have because it's very solid and that is a friendship. I know that at the end of his shenanigans, at the beginning and end of the day, I know the love that man has in his heart for me and my family. But he is a man before he is my man. I try and hold my head up and be Kim and be the mother to my children and keep pushing. That's what KP means, keep pushing."

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Anonymous said...

Kim is such a nobody. This lady lives her life living off the wealth of her baby daddy. The same baby daddy who will never wife her ass because she has too much baggage. Such a joke.

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