Friday, July 18, 2008


(CLICK PIC TO SEE ITS FULL IMAGE; I'm mad Chris is now looking like K-Ci's baby brother)

Back in January, I called myself posting a small blurb on former boy band A.B.C. (Another Bad Creation) after talking about them with my best friend Kamika. At the time, the most I could do was to provide you all with a recent pic (that was about 3 or 4 years old at the time) of how the fellas looked all grown up. I damn sure couldn't provide yall with details of what each member were up to now because, hell, I didn't know myself! Now I do. I'm not about to go into how they were 'created', how many hits they had, what movies they were in, how much money they made (or didn't make), who screwed them over or when they got lost in the sauce while in their mid-teens. I ain't going into all that madness; so click the link at the beginning of this paragraph if you want to know all of that. And read on to the second paragraph to see what they're up to in 2009.

Today, Romell 'RoRo' Chapman, 30, does independent contracting on hardwood floors; Christopher 'Chris' Sellers, 29, works for Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority; Demetrius Red' Pugh, 28, used his 'trust fund money to buy a studio' and currently works with artists, produces and books studio time; Red's brother, Marliss 'Mark' Pugh, 26, is a truck driver and David 'Dave' Shelton, 25, works for a glass company. Shelton now stands at 5 feet 11 inches tall and also attended Daytona Beach College on a full basketball scholarship. Adrian G.A. (General Austin) Witcher, who served as the group's 'unofficial member, works with his cousin, acclaimed music producer Dallas Austin.


All of the fellas still reside in their hometown of Atlanta and are currently working on a DVD titled Where Are They Now (I mentioned that in the January post). Chris, Ro Ro and Dave also have an independent music company called Playground Legends. How apropos, right? In all, the group say they still cherish the impact their music once had on others. Says Ro Ro, "We sold 3 million albums. That's 3 million people's lives we touched in a positive way. People still know us. It's like we had some kind of effect. All of us are still healthy, been around the world and did stuff most people don't. So it was worth it."

Bless their ABC'ing hearts.


Celess said...

Red and Ro look the same. GA is fine as hell now! Thanks for the update Southerngurl!! I was looking forward to this. Sounds like they are all doing just fine now.

FAMUDiva said...

Damn I did not know they had gottne that old! SG can you see them making a comeback album? And don't trip. It's just a question. LOL!

Boriqua Sensation said...

i'm mad u said that dude looks like kci bbay brother. i'm even more madder that u wusn't lying!

SouthernBlackGurl said...

Diva, no, I can't see them making a comeback. I'm just glad they're all healthy and still in their right mind. I never hear any negative things about them and that's a good think. I wish them all the best.

Anonymous said...

well i hope they all are full of joy. everytime they play catch up with ppl its like someone dying of aids, got a alcohol problem, probs with the law, etc. depressing mess.

Anonymous said...

Still not rite! Chris was working for Marta Ro lays carpet Chris and Mark has a studio Dave did work for a glass company GA recently got married and had a baby not to mention David has two Chris has six Ro has a little girl due in September Dave ,Ro, and Chris live together Dave was married to his kids mother but fr some reason they just couldn't get it together( Dave's mom) However I guess u really can't say anything about these guys except they are no longer producing hits!

Anonymous said...

No they got songs and their own record label G.A. had a song with ro called get it how you wanna get it. G.A went to jail but got out in 08'. Wanna see his mugshot Google his name and there ya go. His name is Adrian witcher. He look fine as hell in it though. But anyway red HAD heart problems. You can search Atlanta but nobody seen mark. It explains everything in the song RoRo did says it at the top. Oh yeah, red got a song called Impossible w/ G.A in it he the one with the stripe jacket. G.A is to damn fine,whooooooo he fine

Anonymous said...

Chris only have three boys a set of twins and a 9th grader. I talk to him everyday😒😒

Anonymous said...

Chris only have three kids a set of twin boys (5) and a 14 year son, we talk everyday

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