Monday, July 14, 2008


Russell Simmons' former girlfriend has blasted reports the hip-hop mogul's controlling ways led to their split - calling him her "best friend". Former Star Search model Porschla Coleman came to Simmons' defense last Friday (7.11.2008), hitting back at claims his demanding personality put a strain on their relationship. She tells the New York Daily News, "I am not prepared to go into detail, but Russell is my best friend. There is no anger on either of our parts. It was a mutual decision. We just decided to be friends, and we're both very happy." Coleman adds Simmons has even helped her redecorate her new apartment, now that she is moving out of the pair's shared home. She says, "It's around the corner, and he helped me pick it (the furniture) out." The couple began dating in 2007 but split last month (June 2008) after Russell's former wife, Kimora Lee Simmons was granted sole custody and the legal authority to make all decisions in relation to their kids' health, education and welfare. In addition, the model will also receive the $480,000-a-year in child support as per her request. Simmons is expected to continue paying the sum until 2019 for Ming Lee, 6, and 2022 for Aoki, 4.

Another insider said Russell has made his moves, too, and is "back to playing the field."


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