Monday, July 14, 2008


Over the weekend Usher performed in concert at Thisday's 3rd 'Africa Rising' Festival in Abuja, Nigeria. But before the artist could complete his set fight broke out in the crowd. According to reports, the singer was performing at around 1 a.m. when the drunken brawl took place in front of the stage. Security guards attempted to break up the scuffle as members of the crowd were shoved towards the platform and one man was removed from the venue, The Dome. It is currently unclear whether the unnamed male was arrested, as one source claimed, or was simply forbidden from re-entering the concert. Nobody was seriously injured. Although no reason was given as to what provoked the fight, I'm willing to bet if Usher gave the audience the same awful-ass, piss-poor, lip-syncing performance reminiscent of his 2008 BET awards show opening, then hell, I'd probably want to fight somebody too...maybe even his ass. Below are pics from his performance.

In other Usher news, he has been tapped to 'boost' Barack Obama's presidential campaign, by performing at the Democratic Convention next month (August 2008). Usher's manager Benny Medina says Usher has been approached about appearing at the event in Denver, Colorado in August. Medina tells the New York Daily News, "There've been offers to do things in and around the convention and we are just looking to see which one will be the most productive. He is obviously a huge Barack supporter."



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