Sunday, July 13, 2008


Starting Monday and running for the next six weeks, Wendy 'Monkey Feet' Williams new live, hour-long, daytime talk show, The Wendy Williams Show, will air on Fox at 1 p.m. With th show produced before a New York audience, expect fans who are devotees. "I start with a very, very devoted fan base," Williams said. "My sidekicks will be my audience; I really want the smartest, freshest audience in all of daytime. My set is fabulous and my theme song by David Vanacore says it all -- 'Say say say it; feel it, feel it, feel it; how you doing? Shout it out.'...We're embracing the old-school way of doing talk shows where the audience is very much a part of the show." On the other side of the screen, Williams said the target viewership is "women aged 25-40, the usual daytime audience. In terms of color, I'm a black woman, so my natural fan base would be black women. But in actuality, plenty of different people listen to The Wendy Williams Experience. Heterosexual men are embarrassed because they feel it's a gay man's thing, but that's not true either, you know? But if you're interested in me, I'm interested in you. I take everyone."

What will you see? Three segments look to be regular. First are "Hot topics ... which is what's going on with Michelle Obama ...or Lindsay Lohan's mom's reality show," she says. "I love pop culture, hot guys, hot women, hot restaurants, great clothing." Then there'll be celebrity interviews with those who can stand some astringent querying. "This is not the Jay Leno interview," Williams warned. "I guarantee that Wendy will give a more interesting twist for my audience. That's my job: to put the remix on what others are doing."

The shock-jock-turned-talk-show hostwas spotted shopping for shades at the Solstice store in New York City earlier this month looking a hot-ass usual.



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