Sunday, August 24, 2008


Last week Shaquille O'Neal's wife Shaunie publicly announced that she and her husband, who were on the verge of divorce, had decided to nix their divorce proceedings and continue their marriage. I wonder what was Shaunie's reaction when she learned that a Alexis Miller, an Atlanta-based rapper who goes by the stage name MaryJane, filed a restraining order against Shaq for allegedly stalking her after she ended their romantic relationship last month. According to court documents Alexis claimed that Shaq 'threatened to hurt her' and 'harassed' her over the phone with his heavy-ass breathing. For some reason, I can believe it. Dude looks like he snores even when he's wide awake. Anyhoo, court papers also claim that Shaq 'threatened to blackball her from the recording industry by paying established artists....$50,000 each for their agreement to refuse to perform or record with her in the future..." and that Shaq sent her "an unsolicited vulgar and offensive illustration of a man physically restraining a woman while forcing her to engage in sexual intercourse with him."

Now, for me, what really puts the hole in the boat is an email including in the court documents. If I'm not mistaken, Shaq did receive a formal education, right? If so, then why did an email he sent to her read like this: "I dnt no who the fuk u think u dealin wit u will neva be heard from one phone call is all I gotta make no try me. Sho me." That's a damn shame.

In the meantime, under terms of the restraining order, O'Neal, who has known Miller for the last 18 months, is prohibited from having any contact or even coming within 200 yards of Miller or her 19-month-old son. He's also scheduled to appear before a judge on Sept. 4.

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