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LisaRaye McCoy-Misick's, actress and semi First Lady of Turks & Caicos Islands, publicist Lynn Allen Jeter continues to spew her client's side of the story in what many have dubbed As the Turks & Caicos Islands Turns--true drama at its finest. Jeter spoke exclusively with's Lee Bailey and gave him a blow-by-blow account of what (she says) really happened last week during the violent confrontation between LisaRaye and her husband Michael Misick. Unbeknownst to some, it was Michael who asked LisaRaye to fly in so that they could meet with lawyers to discuss their plans to separate, as well as her financial support leading up to the actual divorce, says Jeter. Jeter, who says she was not with LisaRaye when the alleged violence erupted, denied that a "fight" even took place.
"There was no pushing, there was no slugging, there was no swinging of arms, there was no tussle, nothing like that," says Jeter. However, her account of the incident – as told to her by LisaRaye and LisaRaye's cousin Phillip Travis – corroborates much of what has already been reported; that LisaRaye and Travis went into the house against Misick's will; pushing and shoving took place between the two, Misick's sister became involved and LisaRaye was bitten (and bit someone) at some point during the altercation. Her personal security (Travis) was driving, [LisaRaye] was in the back seat, I was in the passenger side of the jeep," Jeter begins. "We pulled up to her home. We had been to the grocery store. She'd bought food to make tacos. So we had groceries in the back of the car. We got up to the house, the guards spoke to her and then proceeded to pick up the phone. [LisaRaye] said, 'Oh you don't have to pick up the phone to announce me.' But he proceeded to do so and closed the door to the guard shack with LisaRaye standing there. …He caught her between the door and him. Her security (Travis) then got out of the car and pulled the door so [the guard] would not hurt her."

But what I've been told by [LisaRaye] and [Travis is that] there was no belligerence. When they arrived, Michael was having a meeting with some of his ministers on the patio. "I was told [LisaRaye] came in, she waved. Two of the people on the patio saw her. But she didn't see Michael. Michael, then, all of a sudden appeared and started walking up the walk toward the house. [LisaRaye] was walking toward their library study, and Michael said, 'You should not be here. What are you doing here?' She said, What are you talking about Michael, this is my home.' They went into the library. And one of Michael's security guards grabbed First Lady's hand and snatched a recorder she had in her hand."
READ MORE & LISTEN TO JETER'S ACCOUNT OF THE EVENTS BY CLICKING HERE. If after reading/listening to Jeter's version of events, you find yourself becoming more confused now than ever before, don't fret because you're not alone!



Anonymous said...

Ok I am so tired of this shit. There is no such thing as a semi Frist Lady. Lisarae you are a classless woman. I thank god that it is soon over. I am from the Turks and Caicos I live here, born here. I am sick of you people making your own stories about what is going on in this country. Lisarae came here thinking people here would bow down to her because she WAS on TV. She is the biggest user i have ever seen. You see people what is going on is this, she don't give a fuck about here husband, she don't care who he fucks, as long as she is getting the perks of the good life that's what matters. What's going on between her and her soon to be ex-husband should be between them. Lisarae you FUCKED UP WHEN YOU BROUGHT MY COUNTRY INTO YOUR SHIT, YOU BETTER PRAY THAT YOU DO NOT END UP IN JAIL, BECAUSE YOU ARE FUCKING WITH THE WRONG ONES.

WordUp said...

Well, this is pure damage control after LisaRaye's efforts, really, to do what any married woman would have done. Personally, I would not allow my husband to make me feel that I couldn't step on the property we lived at unless there was a court order. However, because I know how foreigners behave after a bad situation, I wouldn't have gone to the house knowing that I would be unwelcomed and put in a position to kick somebody's azz.

And LisaRaye said herself on tape that the Island is now her home and she got lots to do there. Chick betta wakeup and realize that place is not her home and that she should stay the he11 away there. I think Lisa is suffering from Princess Syndrome or shyt like that, cuz she obviously don't wanna let go of the fantasy world to be married to a fake president of a fake land.

autotune said...

This is some pitiful stuff. Both of them got caught up by all the glitz and glitter but didn't take the time to get to know each other. No matter who started what it should not have escalated to this. This sounds like some mess from a Tyler Perry movie. She should get her belongings, get herself back to the states and try to get her life back in order and let her lawyers handle the rest.

MakeMeMoist said...

This is all crazy. BTW, if you going to try to record someone, go by one of those gadget stores; they have all type of tiny, recording devices hidden in all types of stuff; you can buy cell phones, pens, almost anything with a recorder built in. Not smart

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