Monday, August 18, 2008


By now everyone knows that the life and tragic death of rapper Christopher Wallace a.k.a. Biggie Smalls will soon be seen on the big screen in the motion film Notorious starring Brooklyn emcee Jamal 'Gravy' Woolard as Biggie, Antonique Smith as Faith Evans, former 3LW member Naturi Naughton as Lil Kim, Derek Luke as Sean 'Puffy' Combs and the lovely Angela Bassett as Biggie's mother Voletta Wallace. Biggie's son, Christopher 'CJ' Wallace portrays a young version of his father in the film. CJ, 11-years-old says of the father who was shot down when he was just 6 months old, "I'm gonna hold it down for my Dad." To celebrate Biggie's legacy and hip-hop's first real biopic, Vibe magazine has provided an exclusive first look at the cast in their respective roles. Above you'll see a re-creation of Biggie and Faith Evan's infamous 1995 Vibe cover featuring Woolard and Smith.

Smith, who bears a strong resemblance to Faith says she credits the singer with helping keeping her performance Faithful in every way. "We were able to talk about each scene in the movie and what was going on in her mind. I really wanted her to be happy, and she just wanted to be portrayed honestly. I think I did that." Of Jamal's portrayal as Biggie, the final casting decision was made by Mrs. Wallace who said, "It was Jamal's charming personality, warm spirit, wonderful sense of humor and beautiful smile that won my heart." And I think we may be surprised by Naturi's role as Lil Kim in the film. Judging from the pictures below, she's got Kim's nasty-ass stance down pat, don't she?! LOL! This will be Naturi's film debut and the singer says, "I think I did it justice." Former Junior M.A.F.I.A. member Lil Cease, whose a consultant for the film and also makes a surprise cameo says he was blown away by Naturi's acting skills. "Since the first day I rehearsed with her, Naturi knocked that shit out from day one. She's a star in her own way, and you gotta respect that."

The production will move to Los Angeles to film the scenes which will depict on scree, Biggie's final days. Notorious is scheduled to hit theaters in January 2009.



Anonymous said...

WTF they got angela Bassett playing Biggie's mama? That shit don't even look right. They about as different as night and day. Trust me when I see the movie it ain't gon be no way that i'm gonna believe that I'm....know what? Nevermind.

Mullet said...

well blow me down. I almost thought it was Puffy in that picture and not Derek Luke. Superb casting on that.

KappaChino said...

I'm like whoah. That Antonique chick looks JUST LIKE FAITH back in the day. JUST LIKE HER. That 'Biggie' dude? I guess I'mma have to hear what he's all about before I draw my conclusion on him. And I'm not even gon try to understand why they got Angela to play that role

Trip Hop said...

Saw the movie today, it was great, the overall casting is fantastic. The actors that play biggie, faith & Lil kim play their rolls perfect, I didnt really believe it was 2pac or Puffy though, their performance was a little awry.. Great movie about a Hip Hop innovator, check it out and make sure the younger upcomming generation knows what great hip hop led the way..

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