Wednesday, September 24, 2008


After watching Kim's performance last night on Dancing with the Stars, I am convinced that she just doesn't have any rhythm. I've seen corpses move better than her. If you seen her sex tape, you'd know what I'm talking about. Therefore, don't be surprised if she gets eliminated this week. That poor partner of hers....dude has had to literally carry her ass during this competition....and it's only the first week! Now, I knew she'd eventually work her ass into one of her routines (although she almost didn't considering she and her partner were in the bottom two)....I just didn't think it would be so ill to watch. The entire time she danced all I could say was, 'NO MA'AM!' ten times in a row! Talking about she shy! Girl, bye! She wasn't shy went she looked dead into the camera and boinked Ray J. in that porn video, she wasn't shy when she showed off all her goodies in that full pictorial in Playboy magazine, she wasn't/isn't shy when she's striking a pose for the paparazzi candidly or on the red carpet. Kim, just gon 'head and accept Reggie's marriage proposal and start planning what's sure to be a much publicized wedding, because we know you wouldn't have it any other way, and commence to living your life as a NFL wife. But I have to give her kudos for admitting that she doesn't know hot to shake her butt...that's if she was being sincere about it. Anyhoo, to say she has become the epitome of a woman who has a big ass and doesn't know what to do with it would be an understatement. Even her fans are calling her out. Check out a blog post I snatched from her official website posted by An Athletes Wife who offers to give Kim pointers on how to make her booty clap plus bedroom tips with Reggie:
OMG!!! Letting all ya'll know now.. I'm not hating.. Girl you made all us big booty women look bad today... I'm 5'0 and my ass is just as big, When I first started developing I was looking in the mirror learning how to shake my ass and loosening it up that was bout 17. For you to have that ass, it should shake way more than that unless you gotta muscle booty and if you needed dimples removed you ain't got no muscle booty. If you need some help,I can give you some ass clapping lessons personally and dang watch The Last Dance wit J.Lo and Richard Gere. But I can't show you how to make your ass clap through typing but these next few tips in the bedroom can help.
1)Ride Reggie more be on top that helps you move your hips.

2) when he hitting from the back throw it at him. Taking control in the bedroom can definitely get you some rhythm and stamina cause you have to have your own flow and he has to respond to you. If you don't ride it correctly or throw it back you get no response. Don't just sit there and let him dominate NO MORE!!!
Since you bout to get married when football season over with probably get out of the spotlight cause the first question is...How does it feels to be voted off so early and you did all that campaigning!?! I voted for you but you got the 8th vote and I voted 8 times!! Love you!! But when you go to the club instead of posing like you can dance for the pic, shake that monkey!!

Watch the video below to witness the tragedy that is Kim Kardashian.

By the way, YAY FOR TEAM TONI!!


KappaChino said...

lol at that girl telling her how to throw her ass around in the bedroom! She must didn't see the video either.

It's a wrap for Kim. The girl was whack as all get out. And if she moves in the bedroom like she moved last night then I feel sorry for her and Reggie's sex life. That must be whack too. Kim looks like all she does is lay under a man during sex and let him do yall the work. I'm surprised her relationship with RayJ last as long as it did with his freaky self.

Pretty face and banging body. That's all she got.

Anonymous said...

wow she is really bad at dancing! i didnt realize just how bad!

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