Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The beautiful Sanaa Lathan is featured in the latest issue of Jewel magazine. The actress, who stars in Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys opened up on her relationship with her boyfriend, Adewale Ogunleye, defensive end for the Chicago Bears, her upcoming projects and what she likes to do in her downtime.

SANAA ON HER BROWN-SUGAR BOO ADEWALE: “He came highly recommended by my brother,” Lathan says with a grin. “We just hit it off right away. He’s really smart and really sweet…” At that moment, Lathan’s internal censor gets reactivated, and the intensely private actress politely says, “I don’t think I should talk about him. Should I?” It would be lovely to learn more about Wale, but she has every right to be wary of the press. During her relationship with her Love & Basketball co-star Omar Epps, there were reports that she was either pregnant or engaged nearly every other week. And she’s also had to suffer through all those vicious rumors about an affair with her Out of Time co-star, Denzel Washington, which she wisely declines to dignify with further discussion.

SANAA ON MOTHERHOOD & HOW SHE SPENDS HER FREE TIME: When she’s not working, Lathan loves to pamper herself with spa days, curl up at home alone with a good book, hang out with her girls like Regina Hall or Nia Long, watch The Iron Chef, and work out. “I really sound kind of boring, huh?” she apologizes. She also enjoys jetting off to fun spots with her man during the off-season. During the season, she attends his games in Chicago and on the road when her schedule allows......While she hopes to become a wife and mother someday, she isn’t one to listen to the ticking of her pesky biological clock. “I really want it to be organic. I want it to happen because it’s right for me and my partner,” she says. “Of course, there is that fear and the statistics about the biological clock and having kids. Whenever that comes up, I just try to breathe and say, ‘You know what? Just have faith that it will all work out perfectly.’ “That’s not to say that I don’t have my days when I get depressed or angry,” she continues. “But I definitely practice optimism and gratitude. I’ve seen a difference since I started doing that. It’s like your life shifts around you when you practice that attitude of gratitude.”


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