Friday, October 10, 2008


Could a second set of twins convince Diddy to finally wife up his baby mama Kim Porter? Or has actress Holly Robinson-Peete and her hubby Rodney gone back on their word after they vowed that they had no plans whatsoever about adding a fifth and sixth child into their beautiful brood? Or is there a one in million chance that maybe The Game's Coby Bell and his wifey will soon welcome another adorable set of twins into their lives?

Well one of the Celebrity Black Men pictured below is expecting another set of twins with their significant other. Can you guess who? Find out the answer over at BLACKCELEBRITYMEN.BLOGSPOT.COM!



Anonymous said...

"another SEX of twins" ? Did you mean to write that on purpose?

SouthernGurl said...

^^Thanks for catching that! It was certainly a typo.

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