Friday, October 10, 2008


For you Janet Jackson fans who were worrying if you spent your money in vain, wonder no more. The singer, who has canceled several shows due to a brief illness (which is still unknown to the public) will be back onstage this weekend, according to her tour managers. Janet's scheduled to perform in Uncasaville, Connecticut on Saturday and according to a recently released statement from her management team, Janet's ready to get back on stage. "Janet, who has been under her doctor's care and recuperating over the last week, is excited about getting back on the road and again being able to share with her fans what she feels is one of her best stage shows ever." I'm aware that there have been a couple of rumors regarding Janet's health and the reasons as to why she was really hospitalized. On Wednesday, J.''s brother Randy was forced to deny he had revealed Jackson is suffering from vertigo - after an imposter made the claims on a Michael Jackson fansite. Another rumor that circulated the Internet claimed Janet was possibly pregnant and more than likely would cancel her entire tour altogether.

Yesterday, I caught Tyra's show as she went behind the scenes of Janet's tour (in Las Vegas) and I have to say it was really entertaining to watch. I knew Tyra was goofy and a little bit out there but as Janet said over and over again during the show, Tyra is just a 'mess.' LOL! Anywho, If you know Tyra, you know that she doesn't shy away from anything, especially if it's something she really wants to know. She asked Janet about settling down and starting a family. Without hesitation Janet confessed that she plans to begin a family with longtime boyfriend and music producer Jermaine Dupri 'at some point.' So who knows, maybe she'll wait until her tour is over to finally put those plans into action.

If you missed that episode of Tyra as she went onstage, backstage and even cuddled up with Janet on her tricked out tour bus, check your local listings to see when the show will repeat...most likely you'll be able to catch it on the Oxygen network. In the meantime and in between time, check out photos of Tyra and Janet hanging out backstage at J.'s tourstop in Vegas.


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