Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Last night, the cast mates of The Real Housewives of Atlanta gathered together to attend a viewing party of the series first episode. Sheree's antics towards the way she treated Nene during that episode has thrown the blogosphere into a whirlwind. The so-called socialite invited her former nemesis to her birthday party in an effort to let bygones be bygones. However, once Nene arrived at the party she was told that her name wasn't on the guest list. Now, depending on who you ask, this could have either been a simple oversight by Sheree's personal assistant OR a slick-ass way of attempting to make Nene look like a fool (even if sh does have a big ass mouth...but that's neither here nor there; however, you have to give Nene kudos for wanting to patch things up with Sheree) ....especially since Sheree didn't seem too concerned about clearing up the situation. Sheree blogged about the series' first episode on her Bravo blog. Peep what she had to say below.
I enjoyed watching the first episode, especially the day at the spa with my kids. My children are my life. Now the HOTNESS... I had a blast putting together my birthday party and commanding the attention of all the guests. My birthday party a.k.a. "The Fashion Extravaganza" was, by far, one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences for me this year. At the party, lot of things didn't go as planned or as smoothly as they should have. I like order and structure. I'm a perfectionist and I expect nothing less from my staff. The unfortunate incident with the guest list was a big no no. The publicist made a huge error, but tried to rectify the situation immediately. Apparently NeNe wasn't having it and made a huge scene outside my house! (Can you imagine how many texts and calls I got the next morning about the girl screaming and cursing in my driveway?) I hate that things happened the way that they did. However, after watching the premiere, NeNe didn't appear to have the best intentions or a genuine reason for coming to my party. Her only focus and goal was to try to outdo, upstage, or outshine me - the birthday girl! Who does that?
As the show goes on, don't be surprised if and/or when Sheree becomes the most hated housewife on the series. Oh, and as for ol dude in the fourth pic....I can't even call it. A dress, hat, Chanel purse and pumps?!! Is he going to a Pastor Appreciation service at church or a Tyler Perry play? Bottom line: somebody done told him wrong.



Anonymous said...

What is that in that black suit!!! JESUS LAWD take the wheel!!!

ChocolateCocaine said...

After seeing the shenanigans from that last night I as a black woman will not support it. Sheray came off as phoney, conceited and vain. And with the way her face looks, she need not be. She didn't do anything to clarify the guest list situation. That right there lets me know that she don't give a damn about nobody but herself. ANd she calls herself classy. Classy people don't say and do ignorant shit. Classy people know how to treat people whether they like that person or not.

I understand why she's single. She's too stuck on herself. She looked like a damn fool to sit up there and say she wanted no less than a 7 figure divorce settlement. Yeah, good luck with that ma.

HennyPenny said...

I CAN'T STAND Sheree. And can Kim's hair get more trailer-park-trashy? I think my fave housewife will be Lisa. Girl is doing her thing. She works more than her own husband and he's in the NFL!!!!!! I just really admire her work ethic. She is definitely going places.

Nene is growing on me. When I saw the preview I knew she wasn't going to be my favorite, but when I saw the entire show last night I realized she isn't that bad.

That Deshawn comes off so goofy sometimes. Yall ever heard her laugh? And come on now who really needs that big of a staff for that house?! Really! LOL

Anonymous said...

HE-ree is not classy one thing money can never buy is class this is a HGAM!!!! and NE-Ne no ghetto fab and the trailer park white girl where did they finds these skags and how the hell single people are "housewives"

Anonymous said...

Only thing about Lisa is that she seems like a real opportunist. Her first husband was Keith Sweat and now a NFL baller who she hadn't even known for 90 days. She's smart though, smart enough to kickstart her own hustles while she has the contacts so if her beau see's through the mac and covergirl one day, she'll be straight. Just think ladies if you sit around the hotel lobby long enough, wear your pants tight enough, you can land one too just like Lisa.

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