Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Rapper-turned-actor Romeo recently began his freshman year at the University of Southern California and says although he is enjoying college life, he now has to become more cognizant when it comes to securing his personal belongings since being robbed of three bikes after only five weeks on campus. These days, Romeo, who snagged a full scholarship (he plans to major in film production) at the University as well as a starting line-up point guard position on its basketball team, transportation on campus comes in the form of a measly $5 bike, or so he says. "Lock your bike!" the 19-year-old told People magazine. "Now I just have a little $5 bike that hopefully no one will want." And like his blinged-out daddy, P. Miller, Romeo is much more protective over his iced-out jewelry pieces. "I don't bring anything expensive to the dorms," says Romeo, who plans to major in film production. "I just sleep with my earrings on."

However, despite folks stealing his bikes, the rapper appreciates his new independence. "I love college life," he says. "It's like a vacation." And just like any other freshman, Top Ramen, cereal and Easy Mac crowd the kitchen counter tops of his dorm.

Speaking of new life, check out these candid and photoshoot pictures taken of Romeo during his off time. Let me find out....



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