Tuesday, April 7, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, Ginuwine and his handlers decided drum up some publicity for his new single 'Last Chance' by planting a story alleging that he and LisaRaye (who plays the lead female role in the video) were seen at Mr. Chows restaurant in Hollywood playing kissy-face and footsies with each other. When the story hit the Internet, it hit hard. However, In Ginuwine's quest for some media attention, he unknowingly (yeah right) threw his wife of 5 years under the bus. Punk move SlickSlide Hairline. In an effort to clean up the mess he made, he did an interview with Sister 2 Sister claiming the story wasn't true and that folks were just trying to start something. But he also revealed the fact that Sole was not happy at all with the news and that the couple had it out something proper-like because he didn't tell her that LisaRaye was going to be in his video. See, he and LisaRaye have a bit of a history together. They both toured in that 'Mama, My Hands Are Too Short to Reach God Which Means I Can't Cook Your Fried Chicken Tonight' type of stage play....which was mysteriously cut short due to some behind the scenes drama. Mmm-hmm. Anyhoo, my woman's intuition is telling me that not only is Sole nothing to be f*ck*d with, it's also telling me that if she hadn't found God, that would be LisaRaye's ass. She gon get enough of being all up in the face of these married men.

Long story short. Rumors began to circulate claiming Sole packed up their kids (it's a lot of them) and left his ass over this drama. This isn't true. And to clear the air, Sole decided to respond to the rumors:
"I was like, that's funny. First of all, I'm not packing up no four kids and disrupting their lives in the middle of the school year, I don't care what he did. That's just foolish. But they were reporting this like they had seen me out here packing up my bags. I believed it wasn't true from the beginning. My being upset about it was just the fact that it caught me so off guard. I don't know if he was thinking, 'It's not true so I'm not even going to say nothing, because she probably won't even hear it.' Because I'm so removed from the industry that it would just blow over and not be a big deal. But when it became this big deal and they were on the radio and people were calling us saying, 'I heard this, and I heard that.' So then I was kinda upset. And I was just really upset at the lack of communication between he and I and because he's been home for so long and. It really did catch me off guard. I wasn't really prepared for all the phone calls and the stuff on the Internet. I was like, 'Oh, my God! This is crazy!' Both of us just really couldn't believe how it became such a big deal. But yeah, it was a debate and we got into it about how to handle things and how to move forward, you know, with him going back into the industry.....

....So yeah, I believed the story wasn't true in the beginning. Not because I'm this naive wife living in a bubble and I feel like my husband is not capable of cheating. Or he's not capable of making a mistake or doing something wrong as is any husband us capable of putting themselves in the wrong position. So not because I'm a fool did I not believe it; but I do know him well enough after this amount of time to know if there's some truth to something or if it's not. And the whole story and everything people were saying came across as such a publicity stunt. So my being upset about it was just the fact that it caught me so off guard and that the media and these 'quote, unquote' sources can be so reckless in what they put out there. They don't think that there may be children that may see that or read that and may be hurt by that. Or they think that because we are both in the process of changing our lives so much and I'm such a different person now that they may not think that that may not affect or hurt us or people that look up to us. They just throw stuff out there. Blatant lies and claim it to be true.

The whole industry is the devil's playground."
For the record, the couple is fine. They've given their kids a heads up to ignore rumors they may hear about Dad. They also developed a game plan for handling issues like this in the future.


Anonymous said...

yo peep solo's stare down in the picture she look like she will put the bible down and whup up on the former first lady's AZZ

Houston DJ said...

I think her mind is definitely in the right place. It would really be difficult to be a famous person's wife these days if you didn't remove yourself from the industry as she said. Good pics too btw!


Well it must was true that he cheated at some point cause Sole' in fact did divorce his ass last year and its final

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