Friday, July 3, 2009


According to, the PR firm Sachs & Associates announced that within the first hour-and-a-half of allowing fans to sign up for the drawing, the Web site received 500,000,000 hits, averaging 120,000 per second. Duplicate registrations are not allowed, so those seeking a chance are being asked to log on only once. Meanwhile, an additional server has been added to accommodate the volume of traffic.
Ain't that something?!! Even in death, Michael continues to break more records; sending legions of fans, stans and haters in a complete frenzy.

If you plan on attending Michael Jackson's public memorial on next Tuesday, there are a couple of important things you need to know. A press conference was held today where Los Angeles city and law officials carved out the details of how folks can receive free tickets to the memorial. First and foremost: If you don't have a ticket, you ain't getting in. You will be turned away from the Staples Center by the LAPD. Below are more key points from the press conference.
  • 17,500 tickets are available; 11,000 will be issued for the Staples Center where you can attend the memorial as it broadcast live. 6,500 tickets are available for the Nokia Center (across the street from the Staples Center), where you can watch the live telecast of the memorial.
  • Tickets are only available to U.S. citizens.
  • You can register for free tickets (at least two) today at; the deadline is tomorrow at 6 p.m. They're treating it like a web lottery. You register and then there's a random drawing. If you're selected you'll be contacted on Sunday by email with directions.
  • You must provide a valid ID in order to attend the memorial at either location. I believe they'll also give you some type of code or wristband.
  • For the public's safety, there will be no big screens/speakers outside of Staples Center. So if you want to experience the celebration of Michael's life, either register for a ticket or watch it from the comfort of your own home. There will be no outsiders/bystanders outside the Staples Center besides law enforcement officials.
  • A live feed will be provided by every network free of charge.
  • There will not be a funeral procession before or after the service.
  • Officials refused to answer questions on if there would be a public viewing of Michael's body at the memorial. According to, Michael's mother Katherine and sister Janet are allegedly opposed to having a public viewing because Michael's body isn't in shape to be viewed by the public.
  • No details about the order of service (i.e. who's performing, which celebrities are expected to be in attendance, etc.) were announced.
  • A private funeral for the Jackson family (and invite guests) will be held before the public memorial. Plans are underway to have more memorials across the United States.
  • Still no word on where his final resting place will be.
Good luck in being able to register for tickets and having your name drawn!



MemMorie said...

gurl you b on it! thanks for the details!

Anonymous said...

I am still in shock, my heart is truly broken, words cannot express how much I love michael Jackson. There will never be another person like him. I thank God I was able to see his wonderful work he did in his time. My prayers go out to his family and may his soul forever rest in peace. He moonwalk his way into heaven.Thanks Michael for great music. God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Good 4 him that he's dead. Child molester. U all R stupid up N here d-fending a man who had such a sick mind. now there is 1 less pervert walking da earth. Good riddance.

SouthernGurl said...

To the anonymous ignorant s.o.b. who posted above me, I see you were big and bad about posting your comment but a coward when it came to identifying yourself. I also noticed that you posted the same comment on blackcelebritymen as well. If ignorance is bliss, then your ass must be happier than a Happy Meal on a daily basis.

As a blogger I'll let your comment stay up, as I do all negative comments because I want people to see that ignorant people like you have no gall or tact. And hopefully it will make the next person who is thinking about posting a negative comment about Michael's death think twice. It will behoove you to do so.

Viva Evilena said...

I'm also just plain tired of people disrespecting him and talking bad about him. He is GONE. It isn't going to get you anywhere to call him out his name or say mean things about him. Why can't they just let us mourn? The people that truly loved him will always love him.

Nicole said...

I see where you're coming from SoutehrnGurl (did I spell that right?) and it is tactless and heartless. I plan to post this comment on your affiliate blog as well.

I was one of the ignorant people who believed the accusations against Michael. I then seen the footage of the boy saying his father made him do it. I can't begin to tell everyone how bad I feel and how much it breaks my heart that Michael did not live to hear his name cleared. He was a broken man,a shattered man because of people like me who don't look outside the box. I will post this everywhere so people will know the truth and his family and children can hold their heads up high because he truely was a wonderful man! MICHAEL I'M SORRY AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU, YOUR CHILDREN, FAMILY AND THE PEOPLE LIKE ME!!!!

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