Friday, July 3, 2009


^^Yeah, Michael, that was my expression too as I watch the 2009 B.E.T. awards!

Were you as pissed off as I was while watching B.E.T.'s (or as I refer to them: Barely Entertainment Television) crap of a tribute to Michael Jackson? With their messy-ass, tacky-ass selves! Yeah, I said it! At first I wasn't going to post anything about it, but now the more I think about it, the madder I get. Is that how you salute a worldwide legend and icon? Somebody done told them wrong. Anyhoo, what I'm about to tell you all may piss you off even more. It was because of Don Cornelius babbling on and on about the O'Jays (no offense to them, of course) and several other screw-ups during the live taping of the show that caused B.E.T. (I also refer to them as Bootleg Entertainment Television) to NIX the five and a half minute video tribute they prepared specifically for the show after Michael's death.

So, to check out B.E.T.'s (a.k.a. Barely Entertainment Television) tribute to Michael that never had a chance to air, CLICK HERE. And if you're an avid fan just like me, have a hanky nearby.


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