Thursday, August 16, 2007


Nick Cannon is engaged, but he's in no hurry to get married just yet. "I did my part!" Cannon told PEOPLE Tuesday night at Ecko's 5th annual "Tikva Drive for Life," a charity golf event to support orphaned and abandoned children in the Ukraine. "You did what you had to do ... you made the commitment. Now it's like, let's just enjoy this for right now." The Drumline actor – who used a jumbotron in Times Square and a horse-drawn carriage in his marriage proposal to Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks last May – says they haven't set a date or a place for the ceremony. "We haven't really talked about a lot of that stuff. You've got to take it slow," he says.

Cannon – who is gearing up to host the Teen Choice Awards with Hilary Duff on August 26 – is a fan of the long engagement because, "you get to know people." "It's that preparation time to see if this is what you really want," the comedian/actor said at the Tuesday night event, held at Chelsea Piers in Manhattan.

A friend of Nicole Richie and Joel Madden, Cannon also weighed in on the couple's pregnancy: "She had good parenting, so she'll know how to get it going." What kind of dad will Joel be? "He'll be a cool dad. The coolest dad. Any rock 'n' roll dad is a cool dad."

Yeah Nick, uhn-hunh, alright son. Whatever you say, dude.


Nik said...

I've never understood engagements like that. WTF is the point, if you wanna wait 2,3,4 years and beyond? How sure are you if you don't want to plan for it? I don't get it. A male friend even confirmed my suspicions on the topic. He just proposed and he and the wifey-to-be have agreed to a 2yr engagement. I asked him why 2yrs, and he says because he has to be sure she's the one...ummm, ok.

Anonymous said...

They are never in a rush to get married when it comes to a Black of them will break off the engagement and that will be the end of it...SMDH.

Anonymous said...

DANq...4REALSz =[

Bryce said...

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