Thursday, September 6, 2007


Have you ever read something about what someone has done that was just so utterly unbelievable, it made you wanna just throw your hands up in frustration and exclaim to anyone within earshot and yell out, 'This niggah, here!' Well, that's what I did while reading about the arrest of Chico De Barge on's website. I absolutely could not believe the fonts that sat in front of my eye as I read Lightskin's bout of what had to be a case of temporary insanity.

According to, Chico, real name Jonathan Arthur was jailed about a week ago for allegedly having illegal drugs and cash in his car. Police reports indicate that the on August 30, 2007, the 41 year old and a female companion were driving a Toyota Camry on a Los Angeles highway when an officer observed them stop in a turn lane and switch seats. When they were pulled over by California Highway Patrol, cops say "illegal drugs and cash" were found in the car. Chico, who once recorded a song called "Soopaman Lover," is being held on $30,000 bail.

Police arrested Chico's older brother El DeBarge for outstanding warrants on August 26 -- just four days before his brother! As of today, he's still in el slammer.

I mean really! Come on, now! I'm truly not understanding the stupidity that has enveloped itself around the De Barge family lately. First, El hits the bricks on a domestic violence charge that was eventually dropped, but hell, he's still in jail on several other charges. NOW, his baby brother, Chico has joined him in the slammer. Although Chico is no newbie to the the clank-clanker, I thought at least he'd learned his lesson after doing his last bid on drug charges over 10 years ago. Well, stupid is as stupid does because now his stupid ass is in jail again for doing the same stupid ass sh!t that landed him in jail in the first place.


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