Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Jamie Foxx dropped by 106 & Park today...wait, let me say something first: BET makes me sick with that 106 & Park Live crap. When everybody and their mama know those shows are taped a day in advanced. Ain't nothing live about 106 & Park...unless you count Keyshia Cole's (whose sophomore effort, Just Like You, hits the shelves tomorrow.) performing her hit single, Let It Go featuring Missy Elliott and Lil Kim. Judging by the pics below, it looks as if they gave that audience a live show.

Lil Kim was definitely looking on point. Expect to hear some new music from the Queen B. in early 2008. Yall, look at Missy: Has she been picking up and putting on some weight and whatnot? How much you wanna bet she's higher than a mug behind those shades?!! And why does that damn jacket look so familiar?!

Jamie's been hitting the concrete to promote his new film starring him and Jennifer Garner called The Kingdom. He also made an appearance on David Letterman tonight...well last night where he did what he does best: act a fool! He joked about his hypochondria! He said he could be watching a commercial and hear a man ask, 'Do you have a dry mouth? Well, you might have....' And all of a sudden he'll start coughing thinking he has whatever it is that the man in the commercial is talking about! True clown!

Doesn't Jamie remind you of a dude who you're constantly telling 'stop playing so much!'? or 'God, why you play so damn much?!' or 'Ugh, you make me sick...you play too damn much! Get away from me!' LOL! Will Smith, too.


Anyway, catch the show when it airs this evening after being taped yesterday evening. More pics after the jump....

I ain't the one to gossip but... *looks at blog title* well, I guess I am, but anyhoo, I heard that Roxy and Terrance are a little more than just co-hosts...a whole lot more...I mean, like a lot-a lot more. Like taking her to meet his family in North Carolina...that kind of whole lot...like tuxedos and white bridal gowns and flower girls...that kind of whole lot! LOL!


Anonymous said...

gawd i love me some jamie foxx. dude is mad funny. mad fine too! keep 'em coming PSG!

Anonymous said...

My girl are doing their thang I sorry I missed that show I hope they air it again. They all looked great as always nice colobrate. I love me some Jamie Foxx he is truly a funny talented man who as the year go by has become a sex symbol to me.

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