Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Oh, Lord, for someone who hasn't had a hit record in years, rapper, LL Cool J.(can anyone tell me how this dude--who is pushing 40--has managed to stay so damn fine for so many years?) sure does have a lot to say about the current condition of hip-hop music. "Hip-hop isn't dead," LL Cool J said during the ALLHIPHOP.COM party at Duvet in New York City. "It's just guilty of the 'me-too-isms.' There are a lot of copycats now trying to get their 'me too' moments, and there aren't really any originators any more." When asked who's still orginal, the rap legend said, "Kanye is, but I'm not necessarily a fan. But I can respect his originality."

Speaking of originality...or better yet, the lack thereof, Sean "Diddy" Combs--who has become the undisputed king of turning original music into something he claims is his own style--has now done the obligatory celebrity fragrance just like everybody else. He told Rachael Ray on her show, to air Friday, that his fragrance Unforgivable will outsell those of Gwen Stefani, Mariah Carey, and even former galpal J.Lo because "he knows exactly what women should smell like" - especially if they're looking to attract a mate.

View Diddy's Unforgivable Woman 3 minute mini-movie here.

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