Thursday, October 18, 2007


Hopefully, this monkey dog of a man will learn soon enough that he can not live by the Burger King motto. Diddy, you can't have it your way. And what makes this situation so messed up is the fact that this isn't his first time he's laid his hands on someone. He must be itching to join Foxy up on Riker's Island because I swear this niggah stay mad.

Police sources tell the New York Post that Sean "Diddy" Combs will be charged with assault after he allegedly punched an acquaintance of 13 years in the face at a SoHo night club. Diddy skipped a scheduled meeting with police Tuesday afternoon as his lawyer released a statement saying that he would not be arrested. At the time, Diddy was meeting with the victim at Butter nightclub to try and work things out without criminal charges being filed. But the victim, 31-year-old Steven Acevedo, said their lil pow wow did nothing to change his mind about moving forward with the case. In fact, when asked point blank if they had resolved the matter, Acevedo told the Post, "Definitely not" before slowly drawing his finger across his throat – the universal gesture of doom.

As previously reported, Acevedo says Diddy punched him in the face during an altercation – not at Kiosk as originally reported, but at the exclusive nightspot Upstairs, according to the Post. The dispute was allegedly over a blonde woman that Diddy escorted to the Cannes Film Festival last summer and that Acevedo had dated. Sources tell The Post that Acevedo and Diddy, 37, have known each other from the hip-hop club scene for at least 13 years.


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