Thursday, October 18, 2007


Irv Gotti addressed all of the Ashanti rumors during a recent visit with the "Trey the Chocolate Jock Morning Jump-off" show at Power 92 Chicago. According to co-host Kendra G, Gotti explained why his The Inc. artist is not featured on his new VH1 reality show, why their professional relationship soured and whether or not they really slept together,
as the mogul insinuated during an interview with NY jock Wendy Williams.

He explained to Power 92: "I was on the air with somebody [and] that's what they I felt no need to say like, 'Naw, it's not true' because all they were going to do is just keep at it. So then it became this whole thing, but you know I never said that, I never said that I slept with Ashanti or I have been with Ashanti."


1 Comment:

2thick4u said...

He is such a liar!!

He is very pathetic!!

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