Monday, November 26, 2007


Hmm, I was just sitting here watching an old episode of One on One when I thought to myself, 'I wonder what's up with the actress [Sicily Sewell] who played Spirit Jones (Kyla Pratt's character, Brianna's best friend) on the show? Let me go find out.' Now, although I was well aware of the fact that she'd gotten married in May of 2006, I had no idea that she and her musician husband, Chris Johnson, 27, recently welcomed their first child together. On November 17, 2007, in Los Angeles, they became the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl that they have named Madison Sierra, bless their hearts.

Some of you may remember a little over 2 years ago, right before the show was to enter its fifth season, Sicily and actor Kelly Perine (who played Duane; Brianna's godfather and best friend of Flex Alexander's character, Flex Washington) were fired and replaced by white actors. Sicily said producers told her and Kelly that the reason the upper-ups would not remew their contracts was because they 'were taking the show in a different direction.' That was some straight up on the bullshit level type of bullshit, right? What really put the lid on the jar was the fact that Sicily and Kelly were only nine episodes away from syndication. When a show goes into syndication, its main cast members become handsomely paid something proper-like, so of course, at the time, both outed actors had every right to be pissed off to the highest level of pisstivity. And even though she considered the rest of the cast as her family, especially Kyla, the actress, who claims she still hasn't watched episodes from the final season of the show (while it was on the air and once it went into syndication) that she once called home for four years, isn't bitter.

So how's Sicily's friendship with her former, small screen BFF these days? Well, a couple of months ago, the actress's baby shower was held and a couple of her celeb friends showed up.

Check out Sicily's baby shower pics after the jump to see if everything is still all good with her and Kyla.

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