Monday, November 26, 2007


In her new film This Christmas, Regina King plays the part of a wife trapped in a bad marriage, who remains in the relationship for far too long. The role was somewhat familiar territory for the 36-year-old actress, who says that she could identify with the character. "The one thing I could relate to was staying in a situation way too long. The thinking that you're staying in a situation -- for me because of my son -- and you're losing a part of yourself as you're fooling yourself into thinking that a bad situation is worth something."

Mom to 11-year-old Ian Jr. with ex-husband Ian Alexander Sr., from whom Regina filed for divorce last year, Regina says she turns down all film offers that would take her away from her son for more than one week during the school year. Ending her marriage of ten years is a decision that Regina says she doesn't regret. "I think it is definitely difficult for any professional being a mother, and a single one at that. It's hard not having a partner to raise your child. It's difficult, but far from impossible and we smile more than we cry."

Now 36, King started acting at the age of 13, when she landed the role of Brenda in the TV show 227 in 1985. She has a filmography with more than 30 credits, including roles in Boyz N the Hood, Jerry Maguire, Enemy of the State, Ray, and A Cinderella Story. She has also appeared again on the small screen in 24 and as the voices of Huey and Riley Freeman in The Boondocks on Cartoon Network.


"My mom never put me in a performing arts school. I always went to a public school, so I was able to stay grounded because I had no choice," she said. "When your graduating class is 500 and the entire school population is close to 3,000 -- that was a pretty good thing to keep me centered."

This Christmas opened Nov. 21.


Anonymous said...

Son looks just like her. I liked her in 'This Christmas'.

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