Thursday, December 6, 2007


"When he ask, I'll answer honestly; that is the only way to handle it. If he asks, 'Mom--what happened to my dad?' [My answer?: 'Your father left you.'] 'Mom, how did you get to where you are?' [My answer?: 'Your mother had to strip and ho and do whatever she had to do to get you into this house. Then she went broke, and then she made an honest living.'] You just say what it is and your children will love and respect you for it. He is going to love me for being honest and doing whatever I have to do to make sure that he's being taken care of. I could be a crack whore on the corner and my son will still love me; that won't matter. And my life isn't shameful; my life is wonderful. Everything that I've done, there is nothing that is shameful, so why would I be upset? It's not a big deal.' Now, when he turns 13, well, that's another issue...

--Karrine 'Superhead' Steffans tells Today's Black Woman magazine (November/December 2007 issue) how she will 'explain' to her son the reasons why she made the choice to do the explicit and sheisty things (i.e., f*cking on film, sleeping with hordes of A, B, C and D-list celebs, abusing drugs and alcohol, lying, thieving, gold digging, etc.) that has made her who she is today.

FYI: The above photo is a throwback pic. Karrine's son, Naiim, is now 9-years-old.
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MrsGrapevine said...

LOL! She's going to use those exact words. I wonder what type of women he will date when he grows up, considering he probably won't have too much respect for his mom. I think that's the worst thing a son can find out about his mother. And just wait til all his friends are old enough to find out who his mother is. This poor boy will have to fight and fight to defend his mother's honor or lack thereof.

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