Thursday, December 6, 2007


There are women we love, there are women we hate, and then there are these ten women: celebrities we know and love, and sometimes love to hate. Donna Summer sang, "love to love you baby," but there is just something about these women that makes us do the opposite. From Oprah to Tyra to Kim Kardashian, what is it about these black female celebrities that makes us love to hate them?

Kimora Lee Simmons annoys the world with her braying loud voice and her over-the-top sense of fashion. Not to mention, she stole that hottie Djimon Hounsou right from under the noses of women everywhere. Despite her antics on hit TV series Life in the Fab Lane Kimora Lee Simmons is a fashionista with a cause. Her jewelry line is producing the Green Bracelet, shown here, with part of its proceeds going to help African initiatives. Gotta love that.

Kim Kardashian came into prominence with the release of a sex tape with Brandy's little brother Ray Jay, making her yet another Hollywood princess to come to prominence for dubious activities. We hate her for getting so much play for so little talent. To everyone's surprise Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim's new show, is a huge hit. It takes a lot of courage to really bare all -- about your life, not your body that is. We love her for finding a way to turn scandal into triumph.

Tiffany "New York" Pollard has brought black female buffoonery to new levels on her reality series I Love New York on VH1. She even makes transvestites cringe at her over-inflated breasts. We love New York for stretching 15 minutes of fame into two seasons. If self-marketing is the art form of the 21st century, New York deserves a Pulitzer Prize in a specially-created category.

We hate Tyra Banks because she thinks being a black supermodel is a humanitarian cause. She has compared herself to black leaders who have promoted equality, because she was the first solo black model on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Tyra, get a clue and respect your ancestors. While she may not be the Rosa Parks of the 21st century, Ms. Banks is a bankable star, who has been able to parlay that Sports Illustrated cover into two hit television shows. She is an inspiration to young women everywhere, so even if she needs a history lesson we salute her.

We hate Star Jones for denying that she had gastric bypass surgery for four years. She lied to the public. And we knew anyway. Despite our resentment, we love Star for finally coming out as it were. By admitting to having had gastric bypass surgery, it will help others to more easily make this choice for their health. For this we are grateful.


Karrine Steffans is something that everybody in the hip-hop industry hates -- a snitch. In her best-selling book Confessions of a Video Vixen, Steffans rats out all the famous men she has been with. As a veteran in the field of "thug" entertainers, she should know better. Even if "snitches get stitches," this snitch has parlayed being a video ho into fame and fortune. Rather than just being kicked to the curb like so many, Steffans used her brain to make something out of her experiences, thus beating many players at their game.

We hate Robin Givens for her gold digging ways. It was clear to everybody but Mike that she was into him for the money. It's hard to like somebody who would use somebody for his wealth. We love Robin for working hard in her maturity to make the best of what life she has left. After leaving a marriage to Mike Tyson that included abuse, Givens has penned a memoir and will soon return to the big screen as the star of a Wendy Williams biopic. There is nothing like a survivor, and for that we love her.

Miss Oprah may have the hearts of millions on one big leash, but she is still a human being who has exercised a lot of bad judgment in the last year. Maybe her ego is blinding her to the details of her businesses and initiatives. We love Oprah, despite recent slip-ups, for owning up to every mistake and doing everything she can to make amends. She is not perfect, but then again, neither are we.

Condi Rice is a woman who is easy to hate. As few blacks are big fans of the Republican party, seeing one of our own defect to the other side definitely raises both eyebrows. The word sell-out is coming to our lips. We love her for being the first black woman to become Secretary of State. She is also only the second woman to hold the position. Amazing. Gotta love it, regardless of your feelings about her politics.

We'll be the millionth person to say it. Sit down Bey(once). Having just released a performance DVD of the world tour that nobody wanted to see, and a branded cell phone, we are sure that Beyonce Knowles and clan are sitting around somewhere thinking of some to way to over-expose their eldest daughter Hate it or love it, B is still rocking it. In a recent Black Voices interview, even the legendary Patti LaBelle gave Beyonce props. B can sing, dance, act and promote the hell out of any product. We have to love a successful, beautiful black woman who keeps bringing it.


JaeMyree said...

i believe kimora is mixed...but when did we start claiming Kim Kardishian? i refuse to claim her...she is something ethnic but she isnt black.

Anonymous said...

Kim is not black...she is Arab...she is continuously talking about being Iranian so I'm confused how she would make this list...her ass doesn't make her black...last time I checked that was not the criteria

Anonymous said...

you left one of the most hated..Ashanti.

Afrodite said...

Interesting list...even if they're not all black...?
*Gives the side eye*

And Kim is not Arabian, she's Persian. Entirely different country.

lemonz said...

Persian = Iranian...she's not lying about her heritage.

Ebony Intuition said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ebony Intuition said...

Thank you since when did Kim Kardashian become black...I don't understand why we keep claiming people who aren't of the same race as us as black that ish needs to end..

Persian, Iranian she still is black...

Erin said...

"snitches get stitches?" please. Let's break away from perpetuating these b.s. ways of thinking that keep us trapped. Knowledge is power, and we should all be strong enough to go against the flow.

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