Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph and Johnny. Just typing that makes me giddy as hell! I don't think anyone except for Meek, my best friend of 20+ years, will ever, ever, ever, ever understand my undying love and devotion for New Edition. To me, those dudes--with the exception of Bobby...I'm sorry, that's just how I feel...--will always be true, history-making, original icons in my eyes. And that's real talk. What other successful male group has had each and every one of its members to musically branch out on their own and achieve superstardom in their own rights? What other male group endured the trials and tribulations that came along with bankruptcy, drug addiction, Diddy's sheisty-ass ways, pesky rumors, jheri curls, shags and tight-ass Levi jeans only to flip the script on the naysayers by reuniting as a group and claiming their celebrity status all over again? Think about. I'll wait.

And to this day, I still find myself reverting to my teenage years anytime I hear a New Edition song or see a New Edition video. These dudes are the truth. Hell, I don't even have a problem telling yall that when I listened to this particular part of their song, N.E. Heartbreak: ...Just to be on top/And to give the best that we can give you/And to never let you down/We'll keep strivin' for perfection/N.E. Heartbreak is coming to your town....

I believed every single word. That's why I wasn't surprised one bit after Meek and I called the Tallahassee Civic Center hotline and found out that N.E. Heartbreak was really coming to our town!! LOL! And before I knew it, me and Meek had secured front row seats! If I keep on with all this reminiscing I'll never get to the point of this post. In celebration of New Edition's 25 years in the music industry, several celebrities shared their memories of New Edition and how they influenced their lives.

“I fell in love with Ralph’s voice when I first heard Is This The End back in the 80s. Then I saw the video and was in awe. Their N.E. Heartbreak album talked about the different stages of love. Their songs are memorable and their subject matter is very relatable.”
—R&B singer, Deborah Cox

“New Edition influenced me to put Dax in my hair! Candy Girl reminds me of when I was on the playground chasing after all of the girls. New Edition's music is universal and has inspired many young R&B singers.”
- actor, Mike Epps

“I was on the fence about liking New Edition initially but then the video for Popcorn Love came out and I was in! So much was taking place when their music was being played ­- good memories -- and their music brings it all back to life.”
—music producer, Jermaine Dupri


“New Edition can still tour now because their music and unity has stood the test of time.”
- R&B singer, Omarion

“My first memory of New Edition is all the posters my aunt had on her bedroom wall. I actually remade Candy Girl on my second album, Doggy Bag. When a New Edition song comes on the radio [now] people still remember where they were and what they were doing at that time."
-rapper, Bow Wow

“My favorite memory of New Edition was dancing on Soul Train in high school when [they performed as] the featured artists. I loved their chemistry on stage. My Prerogative by Bobby Brown and My, My, My by Johnny Gill are in my iPod today.”
- actress, Wendy Raquel Robinson

“My first memory of New Edition was at a concert at Six Flags in Dallas when I was 15 years old. Can You Stand The Rain is my favorite N.E. song because of the chord changes and melodies. It sounds like a gospel song. They came from an era where there was true artistry.”
- gospel singer, Kirk Franklin.

Also, be on the lookout for several projects from the guys of New Edition. According to Michael Bivins, a 25th anniversary album and television special will be released later this year. And in 2009, a movie chronicling the life and times of New Edition will be released through BET Films and Paramount Pictures followed by the launch of their 25th anniversary tour.


Lu said...

I'm still waiting on the NE Movie they prompted on VIDEO SOUL when Sherri Carter was hosting (and I re-watch the VHS all the time) and all 6 were on prompting their individual projects. I feel you on the undying love for that group. I get emotional every time I see the I'm still in love with you video when they are on the lake in the boat. All 6 looking so darn grown and sexy..Ok, i'm getting emotional again

Ce Ce said...

OMG!! I love New Edition just like you. I remember when I saw their first video, I feel in love in with Ralph & Mike. When their videos and songs would come on I would make my brothers and sisters
"shut the hell up" because I loved them so much! I hope they come to the Chi, I will definitely pay to see them. My kids leave the house when I announce "I believe this is going to be a NEW EDITION NIGHT!!!" They are truly great!

Nessia said...

I LOVE NE too, I saw them for the second time in concert last year, and while I was probably the youngest person there, I still love them. They kept going on about their 25 years, and these women behind me kept tapping me like you ain't old enough, but I still LOVE NE.

MrsGrapevine said...

I think I have you beat, I am the biggest New Edition fan, and that includes Bobby Brown. I am going to a Bel Biv Devoe concert on the 25th just to get my fix until they all come to town. I can't wait for the new album and tour.

SouthernBlackGurl said...

Okay, you got me, Mrs. Grapevine. I'll concede to you! LOL! I tried giving Bobby my support on the strength that he's an original N.E. member, but that dude's sanity leaves alot to be desired! LOL!

I can't believe these guys are still touring! Bless their hearts. I'd give my left kneecap and upper right molar in the back of my mouth to see them perform together again.

Excuse me while I go and do some research. I need to find a way to soothe my N.E. fix!

I can't even type no more. I'm just fontless!

Mrs. James said...

i love n.e. too! i remember how my friends would pick at me because my favorite was and still is Ricky. And I'm married with 2 kids! Me and my husband grew up listening to them.

oh, and love your blog!

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