Wednesday, January 9, 2008


(click pic) After three and a half long days of tedious toiling and restless nights, I have been able to regain access to my site as well as some bits and pieces of my sanity! LOL!. Just in case a couple of you all were wondering, Real Gossip 101 had been idle since last Saturday (January 5th) after some unknown person decided to target me by hijacking my email and blog accounts in hopes of, I assume, to fatten their pockets. Whatever damage they have done will be handled by the appropriate authorities. I will like to take this time to apologize for any demeaning, threatening, explicit and uncouth emails and spam that any of my email contacts may have received during that four day period. I am not stranded in some foreign country and in need of $500,000 to make it back to the States.

I also want to thank the folks at BlogPatrol for their unending help and support. They went beyond their limits to help me and I truly appreciate it. I also would like to thank Blogger's Blog*Stars as well as Gmail's support team. And finally I have to give a shout out to Miss Chi Chi at URBAN-HOOPLA.COM for her words of encouragement AND her patience! LOL! Thanks, ma!

As far as posting, needless to say, I'll be playing catch-up for the next couple of days. I thought I'd loose visitors during my unscheduled hiatus, but much to my surprise--and with my Blog Patrol stats account--you all continued to visit the site. So, although I couldn't post, I still knew who was coming and going as well as what they were reading. Thank God for archives, huh? I knew they'd come in handy one day! LOL!


I want to thank you all so very kindly again for continuing to support Real Gossip 101. It's truly appreciated!



Mina said...

Gurl, I was wondering what happened to you!! The things people do these days. I hope everything works out well for you though.

And you wasn't lying about them archives. It kept me entertained and laughing my ass off. Before, I never really thought much of it, but now, I can't seem to stop looking through them.LOL!

Keep up the good work. and it's good to have you back.

Chi-Chi said...

I was just about to re-send my e-mail to you.

Can't knock these foolish Internet joksters!

I'm glad they didn't bring you down!

Welcome back!

SouthernBlackGurl said...

Thanks, hunny! I meant to email you as soon as I got the news, but I got too busy with trying to make sure everything was copasetic with my accounts.

My eyelids are so heavy right about now, I can't even see straight! LOL!

Kay Dee said...

i'm glad you're back. i was starting to get worried! LOL!
Southerngirl just keep doing what you do and those of us who really appreciate all the hard work you pour into this blog will continue to support you.

even with the oversaturation of black blogs on the internet, i still count this one as one of my top favorites.

yes, it's true the majority of black blogs posts some of the same stories, but what makes your blog truly stand out from the others is the commentary you add to your stories. you are hilarious! you gon mess around and make these white people at my job start thinking i'm crazy!

now i completely understand why Fresh--who i consider the godmother and first lady of all black blogs-- considers your blog as one of her top favorites and why she supports you so much!

Yall two are something else! let me find out.

Anonymous said...

PSG....child you must be doing something right if they tried to get at you like that. I couldn't believe the email when I got it. I am sooo happy that everything is okay and that you are still able to shine through it all...Bless you!! ms.sterling from RPMB....

SouthernBlackGurl said...

Thanks so much, ms. sterling! It feels good to be back! LOL! I'd heard Google and Blogger took their precious time with folks who were having technical problems while using their services, therefore I thought I'd never get my blog back. I still feel somewhat uneasy knowing the hijacker fiddled through my personal stuff. But what really puts the lid on the jar for me is the fact that the hijacker went through my contacts list to send email requesting the most unbelievable shit...excuse my Swahili.

I apologize again for any inconvenience I may have caused you or anyone else on my contacts list.

Ani said...

Soooo glad to see that you're back! said...

Congratulations on your comeback, SouthernBlackGurl! We're glad to help you track the stats for your great blog. Let us know any time we can be of help to you.

Brian said...

Even if you had to start over again, which I'm glad you don't, your true supporters (including other bloggers--I see a lot of your links on your blogs too) would still be here to support you.

Isidore said...

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